Modular Community //  The Mighty McClures

Modular Community // The Mighty McClures

More Than Closets.

Many assume that as a closet company, we only customize units for closets. But, if you take a closer look at our projects, you’ll see that we can customize a storage system for just about any room in your space. The McClure Family took advantage of that option and recently installed one of our custom units in their garage! 

With the help of our design team and Christina Giaquinto - our brand ambassador and professional organizer- the McClure’s garage transformed from a cluttered storage room to an open and organized space for their kids to play. 

First Thing’s First: Design!

When we started working on this garage project, the first thing we did was ask Ami to get us the measurements of their garage and jump on to our website and walk through the closet design process with Jay. We got a solid design plan and after a few adjustments and suggestions, we sent the McClure's their brand new garage unit. 

Clean Out the Space.

With the help of their kids -Ava, Alexis, and Jersey- Justin and Ami set about clearing out the garage and organizing all of their belongings so that when it came time to put everything back inside the garage, it would

be a much easier process. They had several Zoom meetings with Christina about the best way to go about the organization process once the unit was put together. 


They did get their handyman to help them put the unit together once the garage was ready, but after it was done, it looked spectacular. The only thing left was to reorganize the garage and make sure that they had everything they needed for a functional space. 

We Love this Unit!

They decided to go with a mix of pull-out wire baskets and solid shelves for optimal storage for all of the kids’ toys and school supplies. We love the mix of materials and colors that they chose while designing the system. The garage has a simple, modern feel now and we definitely consider this project a success. 

The McClure's have three other Modular Closet systems in their house and we can’t wait to see what project they come up with next! For more about the McClure's, check out the Mighty McClures YouTube channel and for more collaborations, make sure you check out the Modular Community blog page!