A 4-Part Organization Plan for Your Closet

A 4-Part Organization Plan for Your Closet


Do you waste time every morning trying to find things in your closet?  Maybe it’s that special top you wear for an important business meeting or a pair of shoes you’ve haven’t worn in months that’s now buried somewhere on the floor. If this is you – you could use an organization plan. 

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard to create an organization solution so that your closet will work for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Here at Modular Closets, we not only offer luxurious plywood closet systems at an affordable price thanks to our simple modular approach to custom closets, we also specialize in the home organization strategies and solutions that make it easy to live a more organized life.  

If you’re looking to get started creating a more functional closet, try out this 4-part organization plan:

1. Tops

There are many approaches to organizing tops. Some people like to arrange according to color or seasonality. But your main objective ought to be to make sure you maximize your available closet space.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re making the best use of the space you have is to focus on what needs to be folded and what needs to be hung. 

Generally speaking, anything that’s cotton (like t-shirts or sportswear) ought to be folded and stacked on shelves. For dress shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats, it’s best to utilize multiple hanging rods so you can fill your closet space with a few rows of short-length items.

Don’t’ worry – you can get help designing the components of your closet based on your wardrobe so that the space is used well!

Modular Closets

2. Slacks & Skirts

When it comes to slacks – some people like to fold certain pants, like jeans, while other prefer to hang everything.

There are several good options for hanging your slacks.  You may want to fold them over a hanger.  Or, you may want to hang them upside down from the bottom cuff, which can help avoid wrinkling.

Depending on your preferred option – and the content of your wardrobe – you may want several rows of hanging rods, or you may want more shelves and room for long items to hang.

A similar consideration is in play when it comes to skirts (and dresses too). If you have more short items, you may want multiple rows of hanging rods, whereas if you have lots of longer items, you’ll want to figure out how to best to incorporate space for those longer items to hang.

3. Shoes

Do you have lots of shoes? Depending on your shoe collection, there are several organizational options you may want to consider. 

For example, small cubbies are often ideal for sandals and flats –you may even be able to stack a few pairs in each to save space.  For your more designer footwear, you may prefer to have them on display. 

While ideally you want to utilize your wall space for shoe storage, you may want to keep a few select pairs on the floor underneath (as long as the space isn’t overcrowded!)  Boots are often a good choice to store on your closet floor.

Modular Closets

4. Accessories

In a well-organized closet, drawers (often with dividers) are often ideal for storing your accessories. 

When it comes to items like lingerie, socks, and hosiery, you may want to figure out how to fold them compactly and store them in a way that makes sense for you – for example dressy vs. casual or cold-weather vs. warm weather. Jewelry and watches are often best stored in drawers with velvet-lined inserts so you can easily see everything you own.

For men with lots of ties and/or belts, you can get tie racks and rods to help keep these items organized.

The first step in organizing your closet it determining just how much available space you have and just what you want to store in it.  With that information ready, a closet designer can help you create the perfect custom closet to meet your needs.  Here at Modular Closets, we’d like to gift you that design process, so you will know you’re getting the best possible closet system for you.

You can get your FREE closet design!

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