Custom Closet Accessories 101: How to Choose the Best Options for Your Closet

Custom Closet Accessories 101: How to Choose the Best Options for Your Closet

When creating a custom closet, it’s easy for homeowners to get caught up in measurements and style preferences. One element that often gets overlooked – but can make a major impact in making your custom closet truly functional and personalized – is the addition of custom closet accessories.

So – what, exactly, is a custom closet accessory?

Simply put, a custom closet accessory is any of the elements you could incorporate into your closet in addition to shelves, rods, and drawers that will help you keep your belongings organized by giving them a designated location with easy access and visibility.

Because we want our customers to make the most our closet systems, we offer several custom closet accessories here at Modular Closets.

Here are some of our most popular custom closet accessories and what they can do to improve the organization and functionality of your closet:

1. Valet Rod

A valet rod is a versatile, often underestimated accessory that can make your daily routine so much simpler. Once you have one, you may wonder why you ever went without one.

A valet rod can help you plan an outfit and make it quicker to get ready. It can also be used to hang clothes that just got cleaned and/or ironed. Many people use them to select what they need to pack for a trip.

Our valet rods come in chrome or aluminum with an option for full extension, so you can get just the right length and look to make your closet more functional, luxurious, and personalized for your lifestyle.

2. Rotating Clothes Hook

The rotating clothes hook is another accessory that will simplify your daily dressing routine.

You can fold away this clothes hook when it’s not in use, giving you extra space, and then just pull it out when you need it so you have easy access to a certain item of clothing at just the right time.

3. Belt Rack

You could store your belts rolled up in a drawer. But if you have many belts, this can soon become cumbersome.

Instead, a belt rack can make good use of otherwise empty space along your closet wall. This method allows you to store multiple belts from their buckles so that you can easily see and reach just the belt you need.

4. Tie Rack

A tie rack is another great accessory to make use of otherwise empty wall space. Now, you don’t have to go searching through a cluttered drawer to find the right tie, you can easily see your collection laid out in front of you.

A tie rack also helps make sure your ties don’t get crumpled or wrinkled, allowing them to hang straight. You can be ready in an instant to put the finishing sharp touch on your professional look.

5. Pull Out Hamper

Who wants to look at a pile of dirty of clothes?

A pull out hamper in your closet makes it easy to toss your clothes at the end of the day and then store them safely out of sight until you’re ready to wash the next load. This accessory not only helps organize your laundry routine but keeps your space looking clean and neat.

These accessories are just part of the overall design of your new custom closet – and we’d love to offer you that design for free, so you can see how these storage solutions will transform your current closet.

Just visit us online!

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