Get Ready for 2019 with a New Closet System

Get Ready for 2019 with a New Closet System

Have you decided yet on your New Year’s resolutions for 2019?  Maybe this is the year you finally get your home organized simply but effectively. With an easy-to-install custom hanging closet system and a few home organization techniques, this could be your best year yet!

At Modular Closets, we’re passionate about making home organization easy and affordable, so that you don’t have to spend all your time cleaning or break the bank to have a gorgeous home.  We offer quality 100% plywood closet systems, with a patented installation method that ensures longevity. Best of all, our easy DIY process makes it simple and affordable to get the high-end closet you’re craving.

Once you have a closet system, you’ll have go-to spot for everything you want to store, including space for long coats, multiple rows of work shirts, and closet drawers for your accessories. In order to make the most of your closet system and get 2019 off to a great start, here are some helpful closet organization tips:

1. Choose Your Own Method of Organizing

First things first, there is no singular one “correct” way to best organize your closet. What’s most important is that you choose your own preferred organization method and stick with it. 

Maybe you like to organize by color, or season, or garment length? Some people like to organize their clothes functionally into work, weekend, and formal wear.  Maybe you group into zones so that all the skirts are together, followed by all the slacks, all the blouses, all the dresses, etc. Many people like to put their everyday clothing front and center for easy access and leave clothes worn less often toward the back.

The best news is: you only have to make this decision once.  Once you have your new organization method up and running it will start to become second nature, and then keeping your closet organized will be much easier and quicker to do going forward.

Modular Closets

2. Use Sturdy, Uniform-Style Hangers

Your clothes may have come on those thin wire hangers, but if you want a closet that’s beautiful, organized, and functional over the long term, now is the time to invest in better hangers.

Whether you choose wood, metal, or heavy plastic, you whole closet will look better and be easier to maintain if you use the same style sturdy hanger throughout.  Be sure to space your clothes at least an inch apart for maximum ease.  Too many of us have overstuffed closets, but knowing we have to fit everything on only a select number of hangers can help us keep a streamlined wardrobe.

Pro tip: be sure to slip your sturdy hanger in through bottom of dresses and tops to prevent stretching out the neck or shoulder fabric.

Modular Closets

3. Improve How You Hang & Fold

You know how clothes look so neat and appealing when they’re presented for display in your favorite store?  If you take the time to learn a few quick hang and fold methods, not only will your closet look better, your clothes can last longer with less maintenance too.  Hang and fold the right way and you may not even need an iron! 

You may want to get a folding board, like the kind department stores use. Or Google “pinch and fold” for a 2-second folding method that requires only a flat surface. When it comes to hanging clothes, try buttoning only the top button of a dress shirt, then every other button on the way down. You can also fold pants over a hanger to minimize wrinkles, or try hanging them upside down by the cuff.

4. Be Sure to Streamline Your Closet Every Season

When you add a custom closet system into your existing closet, you immediately maximize the space and create more organization solutions for your wardrobe.  So, you’ll be able to fit many more clothes and accessories into your closet! Still, it’s a good idea to go through your wardrobe on a regular basis and purge what you’ll no longer use.

Once a season is a good habit for taking stock of your wardrobe – look to see what you can donate, sell, or trash. One-for-one is another useful strategy to keep your wardrobe streamlined, so if you buy one new dress shirt, get rid of one old one, etc.

A new closet system is a great first step toward getting your home more organized. You can start 2019 off right with a beautiful, affordable custom closet solution from Modular Closets. Get a free closet design!

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