Get the Whole Family Together for Holiday Home Organization and Cleaning

Get the Whole Family Together for Holiday Home Organization and Cleaning

Are you dashing through the snow – to arrive back to a messy home? During the holiday season, the stress of planning for family gatherings can be made worse by having to deal with a lack of home organization. Getting your home ready for the holidays becomes just one more item to add to an already full to-do list.

Perhaps this year, getting everyone in the family to help out with home organization can be one way to spend quality time together.

We’re always looking for ways to help families simplify the home organization process here at Modular Closets. That’s why we’re advocates for bringing the whole family together to plan and take part in creating organization solutions. 

Here’s where to focus your family’s attention and energy as you get your home organized in time for the holidays:


1. Your Entryway Modular Closets

What is the main way people go in and out of your home? For some families, the holidays are one of the few times a year when a “formal” entryway gets used.

You can immediately improve the organization and efficiency of your home life by making sure your entryway is strategically set up with storage solutions. Does everyone know where to stow away their coats, hats, scarves, and boots as they come and go? Are there designated places to put away your keys and place your holiday cards and other mail that comes in?

Get the whole family together to decide what storage solutions everyone needs around the doorway. Maybe you can add a system of shelves or cubbies or drawers to prevent clutter and chaos from taking over your foyer.


2. Your Family Room or Gathering Area

There’s probably a room in your home where everyone will gather for the holidays. The room where all the wrapped presents go, one that perhaps is decorated with family mementos and other tokens of holiday nostalgia.

However, the effect of your holiday decorations could be lost if they have to compete with clutter. Unfortunately, family rooms are also susceptible to mess from toys, books, media, too many knick-knacks and other items that you can’t get rid of but there’s no other place to leave them. 

Can you and your family go through the clutter in your family room and purge things you no longer use? Now is a prime season for giving and donating “gently used” items. 

It might also be time to add a wall unit of shelves and drawers so that you finally have a designated place to store away all your belongings. Extra shelves are also great for showcasing your favorite holiday decorations!


3. Your Pantry 

Modular Closets

The holidays are often a time to indulge in delicious meals and treats. So, you may find your pantry is overloaded this time of year. 

Now is a good time for everyone in the family to go through the pantry – have you been holding on to items no one actually plans to eat soon? It is the season to donate any extra canned and boxed goods you don’t really need.

It may also be time to consider whether you ought to increase your storage capacity in your pantry. While the size of your pantry may be limited, maybe you can take advantage of unused wall space to add shelves or cabinets and make room for all your goods and appliances.

Getting others involved can certainly make the holiday clean-up and organization process easier and less stressful. But the holidays are time for sharing not just with your family, but with the wider community too. Maybe in addition to your family’s help, you could appreciate some professional organization assistance as well?

If so, the team of Santa’s elves here at Modular Closets will be happy to add to your holiday cheer with the gift of a FREE closet design. Just visit us on the website here! 


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