How to Get Your Very Own Curated Custom Closet…Without Spending a Fortune

How to Get Your Very Own Curated Custom Closet…Without Spending a Fortune

Do you ever open your closet door and feel like you have so many clothes, but nothing to wear?

Do you dream of owning one of those beautiful custom closets you see on tv, designed to display your own personalized ideal wardrobe?

It seems like one of those luxuries that’s reserved only for the rich and famous who can afford a mansion, an interior designer, and a personal stylist. However, if you’re serious about creating your very own curated custom closet, there actually are some surprisingly easy DIY tricks and hacks that can have you soon waking up to your very own dream wardrobe showcased in your own amazing personalized closet system. And for less money than you probably think! 

Curate Your Dream Wardrobe

The first step to creating the custom closet of your dreams is to curate a smarter wardrobe.  Here are four tips to help you put together your own ideal clothing strategy:

  1. Resist Sales Temptation

I know, I know – when you go into a store and see huge markdowns, it’s so easy to want to fill your shopping cart while the prices are hot.

The thing is, what usually happens when we give in to sales temptation is that we end up with lots of low-quality items that we’ll probably hardly ever wear, if ever.  And then our closets become cluttered with so many items we don’t really need.

A better alternative is to spend our clothing budgets on just a few valuable pieces that will look stunning in our simplified new closets. 

  1. Choose Your Personal Color Palette

To curate your wardrobe, you need to understand how your individual style is best reflected in the colors and tones of the clothing pieces you choose. 

Every curated closet should feature a blend of neutral colors balanced by a few accent colors.  You can start by figuring out which colors you prefer.  Take a cue from your current favorite items and use them as a basis to create a palette to guide your future choices.  Not only will it make your future shopping easier, it will make your wardrobe look like it was designed by a professional stylist.

  1. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Rather than buying another pair of jeans when you already own 20, consider saving up and spending your clothing budget on quality items that you’ve never owned, like a luxurious designer silk dress.

Get rid of anything you own that’s cheap or synthetic and focus on buying items made of quality materials.  Also, pay attention to the fine details, such as the stitching and garment construction. Aim to be savvy and selective, and soon your wardrobe will match your simple but stylish new tastes. 

  1. Remember: Less Is More

A curated wardrobe is one that is pared down to basic combinations that can be re-invented year after year with the addition of a few select new pieces. 

One way to cull through your current collection is to imagine that the wardrobe you have right now is a store, and you can only bring home to your new closet a certain number of pieces (say, three summer dresses). Focus on keeping only those items that match your new color palette and quality standards.  Make sure the pieces you keep are the ones you really love, will wear, and will be delighted to see displayed when you open your closet doors each morning. 

Design Your Very Own DIY Custom Closet

Once you have your perfect curated wardrobe, you need a quality closet that is customized to display your new collection in all its glory.

Modular Closets offer a DIY modular solution to the custom closet that will give you a beautiful quality closet that looks as stunning as one owned by a movie star, but for only a fraction of the cost.  The secret is the modular design that allows you to simply assemble your new closet all on your own.  We even offer a guarantee! 

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