CloseTalk #001: Exclusive Q&A Sessions :: Fashion Entrepreneur Sara Weinreb of IMBY

CloseTalk #001: Exclusive Q&A Sessions :: Fashion Entrepreneur Sara Weinreb of IMBY

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with the talented Sara Weinreb of IMBY for a CloseTalk exclusive Q&A Session. 

What motivated you to start IMBY?
I started IMBY after nearly two years of committing to only shop for clothes that were ethically sourced or second hand. I found it hard to find brands I liked, aesthetics I liked, and prices I could afford. I dreamed of an easy solution to shop responsibly, one that was simple, affordable, and curated for my lifestyle. The more I spoke to others, they agreed! IMBY was born shortly thereafter.

Why is it so important for your clothing to be ethically sourced?
I could go on about this for pages! The fashion industry is so deeply flawed. In addition to 1 in 5 people in the world working somewhere in the fashion supply chain, fashion is the second most polluting industry (after oil). By shopping from “fast-fashion” giants we are endorsing unfair and unjust working conditions, low wages, and massive environmental effects from the use of harsh chemical processes, synthetic fibers, carbon emissions from importing from overseas. The amount of clothes we consume means that donation centers are overwhelmed and that individuals are tossing their clothes in the trash which ends up in landfills. It’s a disaster! I don’t believe individuals or the environment should be put at risk to find something to wear. Everything we sell at IMBY is made in the USA under safe working conditions using sustainable fabrics for that reason.

What's the Story behind the name IMBY?
IMBY stands for “in my backyard,” since everything is made in America!

What are three pieces that you are really excited about this season?
I’m thrilled to be patterning with Hackwith Design House on a limited edition denim Kimono. We also have some great off the shoulders tops and dresses coming in, as well as bodysuits for the first time!

What has been your greatest challenge in creating and growing IMBY so far?
Keeping up with demand! As a small business I have limited cash flow, which means my inventory is limited. It’s a good problem to have to often be sold out, but one I hope to change soon!

What are three words that describe your customers?
Intentional, conscious, badass

How do you organize your closet space to minimize decision fatigue?
I’m a big fan of capsule wardrobes— limiting your closet to 30-40 items per season. When you have fewer items in your closet, but items that are versatile and that you love, it frees you up to be more creative in how you dress while not being overwhelmed by a million choices every morning. I’ve been living with a capsule wardrobe for a year, and it’s so freeing! Most people only wear a select number of items in their closet anyway, so why not remove the clutter and distractions?

Wine, beer, or both?
Both— but I am a sucker for a great cocktail!

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