Transform Your Master Closet into a Calm, Organized Space

Transform Your Master Closet into a Calm, Organized Space

It’s easy to let your closet become that place where you just quickly throw stuff you’re not using behind a closed door. But after months or years of such a routine, it can then become nearly impossible to find what you’ve stowed away when you finally need it. For many people, having to dig something out of their master closet is a dreaded chore in itself. 

But what if instead, your master closet could be an organized, inviting place designed to inspire calm, peace, and feelings of ease and simplicity?

If you’re ready to transform your master closet into an elegant, stylish part of your home, know that it’s all about organization and creating a closet system to fit your needs and your lifestyle.  With a few design tips and some strategic planning, it’s easy to cut through the visual noise and create a pleasing aesthetic with custom closets to match your sensibilities.

Whether your master closet is a large dressing room or a small space in which every inch matters, here are 3 simple steps to help you get started designing your perfect organizational haven.


First things first, figure out exactly what you need and want to keep in your dream closet.  This means going through everything you currently have and getting rid of the junk and the clutter. 

There are many decluttering philosophies.  Some useful questions to ask about every clothing item currently in your closet include:

  • “Have I worn it in the past year, or have a definite occasion in the future to wear it again?”
  • “Is it itchy, pinching, or otherwise uncomfortable?”
  • “Is it stained or stretched out of shape?”
  • “Does it project the image of myself I want others to see?”

       Try keeping only those items that make you look and feel your best.

Another useful strategy is enlisting the help of a friend you know can be brutally honest. Sometimes that outside second opinion helps put everything in perspective.

Even if your closet is large enough that you don’t need to get rid of much, streamlining down to just what you need and love will help transform your closet into a more welcoming place to enter. 

Who needs what

Is your closet for you alone, or are you sharing it with a partner or other family members? 

Especially if your closet space is small, it will be a prime real estate, and you’ll want to make sure you’re not only dividing it up fairly but maximizing its use for all required purposes.

Will you share the drawers and hanging rods, or does each person need a space of their own to control? Can you split the closet down the middle, or does one person legitimately have more items or larger items requiring a customized plan? 

Since each of us is an individual with our own sense of style and organizational needs, everyone can benefit from sharing in the design process, mapping out the space before moving on to select colors and hardware styles.

 Define your vision

What does “calm and collected” look like to you?  Do you envision a thoughtfully designed color palette with details of shape and symmetry?  Or is it more about ease of selection and dressing, with quick accessibility for the most frequently used items? 

When you begin planning your new master closet, think about the colors and style that will evoke a sense of calm for you, and make sure to incorporate features that enable efficiency. Look for quality materials that will be both stylish and durable.  (Plywood closets, for example, are an excellent high-quality choice).

Consider all your storage options, such as drawers to organize and tuck away small items, or double hanging shelves to maximize your available space.

If you’d like to start remodeling your closet right away, Modular Closets offers a free design service to help you figure out just what you need to create the best closet system for your needs.  

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