Sierra 4 Drawer Tower



  • The Tower with Drawers is a custom closet essential. Perfect for organizing folded clothes and smaller things that go in the drawer. The tower is crafted from ¾” plywood and the drawers are made of solid wood with a natural finish.

    Drawers and shelves are two main components of a well-organized closet for many items in your home, allowing you to create multiple levels of storage. The adjustable shelves give you the flexibility to make changes to meet your storage needs.

    Each Tower includes removable floor support panels (legs), with the option for full height or floating mounted.

    The Drawers are constructed from solid wood. The drawers come pre-assembled, all you have to do is install the full extension slides into the pre-drilled screw holes in the tower and screw on the front.

    Complimentary Brushed Nickel T knobs are included with all drawers.


Ask a Question
  • Looks like the units are generally 14 inches deep, this limits drawer space Do you offer deeper versions? . . in 24 inches (full) depth? Otherwise ready to order.

    All our units are 14" deep.

  • What is the overall height of the shelf tower with 4 drawers?

    The Shelf Tower with Drawers is 72"h. It includes an optional 12"h floor extender base (as pictured). 

  • I notice that certain pieces do not come in the driftwood grey finish. Is this true? The shoe shelf and the towers with drawers show only in white online. There is no color swath to choose grey.

    All of our separate Modules- Shelf Tower, Drawers, Tall & Double Hanging- are available in our Driftwood Grey finish. Just add the separate parts to your cart. 

  • what is the dimensions of the drawers

    Outside Dimensions:
    Depth: 14"
    Width: 18", 24" 30"
    Heights: Top 3 Drawers: 8"
    Lowest Drawer: 12" 

    Draw box, Inside Dimensions: 
    Depth: 12"
    Width: 16", 22", 28" 
    Heights: Top 3 Drawers: 6" 
    Lowest Drawer 10"

  • how is it best to deal with the corners?

    For the corners of your closet, you have 2 options: 
    A) Use our Modular Closets Corner Shelves to attach units to each other at the corners, or
    B) Configure closet sections on one wall to reach the corners (wall-to-wall). Then, leaving approximately 10" clearance in front, begin your sections on the next adjacent wall. 

  • Is this only available in white?

    The Shelf Tower with Drawers is available in Driftwood Grey as well. For Driftwood Grey, select the grey finish swath of the Shelf Tower & Drawers in the size you need. 

  • Shelf Tower with 4 Drawers - (1) Is the shelf immediately above the drawers a fixed shelf? (2) What is the height from that shelf to the top (for hanging shirts)?

    Yes the shelf above the drawers is fixed. Each section is 36" in height (the fixed shelf is in the middle of the tower)

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