The Do It Yourself Closet Process

Our Process

Our Modular Closets Process Makes Doing It Yourself Quick & Easy!


Having the correct measurements is the key to properly designing your closet space. Based on the available space of your closet or storage area you can then begin the planning and design process. Please click here to download our measuring guide to help record the accurate measurements and tips for your closet. Keep in mind and obstacles or outlets, calculating clearance from other walls, doors, etc., our guide has  helpful tips as well.


Next step is to evaluate your storage needs by creating a list of all items that you plan to store in the closet area. When making that list, consider your lifestyle and how the space will fill your needs. Determine how well the existing space works and establish pros and cons regarding the current layout or if you would consider to redesign to maximize your space. Decide if you would need more hanging space or shelving, more dresses requiring the tall hanging or suits and shirts than can conserve space with a double hanging unit.


Using your measurements and storage needs we can now design your closet accordingly. You can add the items you need to your cart, configuring the closet according to the measurements you took. Easy! Need help? Share with us your measurements and needs at together with your contact information and we will design your closet for free. 

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