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A Note To You: Seekers of True Quality & Beauty

The Modular Closet is the brainchild of decades of real closet pain-point analysis & construction grade material experience. What resulted was a masterpiece; a closet quality revolution. Our closet sections are European Birch plywood panels 3/4" thick. Our pre-assembled drawer boxes are solid wood with dovetail corner joints- first ever. Our slides are the sturdy type, with a touch-to-open feature. Fastened by steel Italian cam lock & post. Gleaming aluminum hanging rods & brackets. Wall hanging- straight into the studs, no hanging rails. And they ship free. Like a home crafted DIY project, we're so proud of what we created & are eager to share it with you. Welcome to our family.  



Bringing the quality material of custom closet providers to the masses is our mission statement. Instead of using standard particle board, we've crafted our closet panels from 3/4" thick Russian Birch Plywood. A thin wood laminate covering gives the closet panels their sleek outer finish. The solid grade of the wood also gives one the easy option to trim their closet section down to size to achieve a perfect fit. With all pre-drilled holes & simple-to-follow assembly instructions, we are proud to be able to offer a superior quality, otherwise complex item in an over-simplified, easy to use way.



Dovetail, Solid Wood Drawers 

We uncovered a difficult pain point for people- closet drawers. Everything from inferior drawer boxes with bottoms that won't hold to cheap slides that constantly break. We poured the full power of our experience, creativity, engineering expertise & design savvy to create what we humbly consider the ultimate solution: our pre-assembled Modular Closet drawers. Solid birch wood drawer boxes display their natural, beautiful finish. Corner joints connect with English dovetails, the bi-toned woods playing off each other where they meet. Stainless steel, full extension drawer glides means a smooth finished look & the nicest drawer-opening experience yet. Our drawers insert into the Modular Closet Shelf Tower via easy pre-drilled holes for the glides- a true pleasure.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're proud to offer affordable quality in closets, the Modular Closets way. We have a pride in our products, & stand by them indefinitely. So if a customer should experience any sort of quality issue at all, we'll amend it immediately by sending replacement parts or full sections right away. Our policy comes from a place of confidence & product security. 

Revolutionary Quality: In Summation

Yay! Bullet points! (for ye short attention spanned ones):

3/4" thick European Birch Plywood closet panels

Thin Veneer Covering Finish

Italian Cam Locking system

Solid Birch Wood Drawer Boxes

Dovetail Drawers

Stainless-steel, weight tested drawer glides

Pre-drilled assembly holes 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


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