Christina's Corner // Don't Sleep on Cabinet Storage

Christina's Corner // Don't Sleep on Cabinet Storage

Let’s Talk About Cabinets 

Do I realize that in my last blog I talked about how amazing open storage is for a laundry room? Yes, but we are here to talk about cabinets today and no one can stop me. I’ve said this before, but having diverse storage options is the key to organization.  

Remember those big chunky cabinets that I threw some shade at last week? Well with Modular Closets, you don’t have to worry about that. Their cabinets fit seamlessly into any unit that you want for your laundry room. They automatically come with soft-closing doors and are available in both white and grey to complement your style. 

Keep Items Hidden and Safe

Cabinets can be used to, of course, hide the things that you

don’t want to display, but they can also be used to keep the dangerous chemicals away from the children who don’t need access to them. Out of sight, out of mind. They can also help with the clutter issues that tend to be found in busy laundry rooms. You can keep the awkward and bulky things that may clutter up an open shelf behind the doors of the cabinets and decrease the visual clutter. 

Now, let’s be clear, cabinets need to be organized too. You can use the same tools that you use to keep the rest of the laundry room organized to keep the cabinets functional. If you missed it, read my last blog post about Solid Shelving to see what tools I am talking about. It may be easy to hide away clutter, but if you know it’s there, it can have an adverse mental effect. 

Need Some Cabinet Inspiration?

The cabinet modules are perfect for any organization system and any room. From your pantry to your garage, I highly recommend installing cabinets to give yourself a little closed storage space. If you need inspiration, just check out these examples from Modular Closets clients and projects.


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Happy Organizing!

-Christina Giaquinto  

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