Frequently Asked Questions

*The Modular Closet Sections won't fit my closet space. How do I design one to precisely fit my space?

The Modular Closet Sections come in 6" intervals, & the plywood panels can easily be trimmed. Trim by purchasing a section size larger than your space & using a table saw to cut the horizontal panels to an exact fit. Assemble without cam-locks, using standard screws or nails instead. 

If you don't want to trim, you can distribute the gap evenly on either side. 

Or, you can purchase our filler strips to cover the space.

You can always call our design center at 844-969-4247 for some additional assistance. 

What is unique about your standard closet sections?

Modular Closet sections are designed as a semi-closet system with a wide range of sizes and options. Each section comes ready to assemble with all components pre-drilled in a single box- no need to search for all the components. Our sections include hanging, shelving, and drawer units.

Do you offer any other items that come with your systems?

We offer a variety of add-ons such as shelving, filler pieces, and doors that can be designed and installed with our systems. All of our sections come with pre-drilled holes on the exteriors that can easily connect to the additional shelves.

How is your pricing so competitive?

Modular Closets is the direct manufacture and distributor of our closet systems, why purchase the expensive custom closets if you can purchase the same closet experience at a fraction of the cost.

Are your sections difficult to assemble?

In matter of fact assembly of our sections are so simple it generally takes minutes to assemble with the only tool needed is a Philips screw driver. Check out our user friendly assembly guides for more information.

Are closet systems wall mounted or floor mounted?

Our systems are manufactured to be wall mounted, each unit comes with two secured hanging rails that get fastened to the beams of each closet. However the units can be floor mounted as well as long as they are raised slightly to allow clearance for the drawer systems. We offer matching filler strips that can be used as a toe kick to cover any exposed space.

What is your lead time for delivery?

All orders placed prior to 4 PM generally will ship the next business day. Our closets are in stock at our centrally located fulfillment center delivery in most cases have a one to two day delivery point.

How are your closet systems shipped?

Each of our sections come in its individual carton and can be shipped via Fedex or LTL (less than truck load). We do offer an option for free pick up from our warehouse in NJ, please contact customer service for additional information.

What is your return policy?

We understand that at times situation changes and the need to return the product arises, we offer returns on any unopened cartons with a 20% re-stocking fee plus any addition freight charges that are connected with this order. Customer will be credited once product is returned and inspected by our customer service team.

What if my product comes in damaged?

If products arrives damaged and is noticeable on the carton you can either refuse shipment and contact customer service for a replacements or can note damage with the carrier and then notify customer service that there may be a need for a replacement. If by any chance a damage was not detected on the carton but was noticed during the assembly please contact customer service so that they can process your replacement, photos may be required.

Do you have a dealer display program?

Yes, we offer a discount for a dealer or showroom displays, please contact your sales rep for more details.

What is your warranty policy?

Modular Closet stands behind its product and offers a limited life time warranty.

Do you grant exclusive territories for dealers?

We offer a very limited amount of dealers that have exclusive rights in each territory, we understand our customers’ needs and are out to protect them.

How to get started?

Please use our measuring guide to collect the accurate measurements of your closet and contact our sales team for a design and quote for your closets. You can also check out our standard closet packages for a quick and easy purchase.

 Thank you and we look forward to serve you!

  The Modular Closet team