Sustainably Sourced & Recycled

Cleaner Closets, Cleaner Planet

Our 'Sustainably Sourced & Recycled' Promise

At Modular Closets, we’re more than just manufacturers of premium closet units. We're innovators and stewards of our planet, relentlessly pursuing ways to lessen our ecological footprint without compromising the outstanding quality of our products.

We're excited to unveil our newest initiative: "Sustainably Sourced & Recycled". This program underscores our steadfast commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices, balancing our aim for unmatched craftsmanship with environmental responsibility.

In collaboration with our board manufacturer, Egger, and their recently inaugurated state-of-the-art board recycling facility, we've established a pioneering recycling program. The scrap wood, which used to account for 10-20% of our raw boards, is no longer discarded. Instead, it embarks on a journey back to Egger's facility, becoming the resource for new boards that will eventually transform into our high-end closet units.

What's more, we're the first company to collaborate with Egger in such a groundbreaking endeavor. We've developed innovative ship-back methods that introduce almost zero emissions, thus significantly reducing the environmental impact of transporting the material to the recycling facility.

Our "Sustainably Sourced & Recycled" initiative reflects our dedication to a circular economy in our manufacturing process, recycling waste, conserving valuable resources, and actively caring for the environment. This step is not just about doing good business; it's about aligning our ambitions with the sustainability of our shared planet.

Join us in celebrating this significant achievement towards sustainable manufacturing. When you choose Modular Closets, you're not just opting for superior quality and design but also contributing to an initiative that actively safeguards our environment and ensures its sustainable future.