Why People Hate Wire Shelves

Why People Hate Wire Shelves

Today, we tackle Why People Hate Wire Shelves.

(For a wicked-cool infographic on Wire Shelves, read Wire Shelves Part 2!)

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You're welcome, World.

"Wire shelving has robbed us of the perspective: a closet can be more."

See, here's the facts:

1. Wire Shelves Are Everywhere

Yes, some people in the 70's may have thought wire shelves were the new in thing. But before long, that thing got out of control & spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. Nearly every low to mid-range construction & install pro in the residential & hospitality sector has adopted wire as the basic closet accessory standard. Ya, too much.

2. People Hate Wire Shelves

Unless you adore grill-marks pressed into your folded clothes, embrace the inability to stand any item upright, or simply just love ugly, you despise wire shelving. Famously basic & frustrating, the blogs & social media have slowly exposed the wire shelf unrest brewing within the population. As Michael Finley of Rocky Mountain Bathroom Renovators put it: "I routinely see these...houses, some priced at 2.5 million, with Viking appliances, granite everywhere and the best finishes you can buy, then you go into the closets and there are ridiculous wire closets..." Well said, Mike (can I call you Mike?).

3. We're Living Through A Closet Revolution

Considering its faults (and there are a number of big fat ones), one could possibly begin to understand the phenomenon of wire shelving's predominance amongst the masses for it's one irrefutable quality: price.

But Citizens. We're living through a Closet Revolution.

And Wire Shelves are the establishment.

At every quality & price level, new & innovative closet products, services & methods have emerged like never before. Companies like Modular Closets (wink wink), California Closets & ClosetMaid. It's an unprecedented occurrence that is rocking the shop & DIY world. It has birthed a whole culture of organization; a newfound love of neat. To say price is what's holding wire shelvers back is simply an untruth (just try price matching a wire shelf to a flat board of plywood + rod).

At every corner of society, consumers are pursuing increased levels of affluence, simply because the internet has made the information needed to corral competitive pricing toward heightened affordability so available. 

Now, granted, The Module is the blog for Modular Closets (read: we're a closet company. expect at least some ulterior motive here). But it's more than that. It's about the greater battle for free expression & creativity. This company was forged upon the ideal that no consumer, no closet space should be held hostage to an unseen, unfounded establishment.

So isn't it time you asked yourself: WIRE YOU HERE?

Wire Shelves closet with the text Wire you here

Isn't it time we challenged the status quo of Wire Shelves, just like any good revolutionary, & realize we are better than that? We deserve more. It's time we come out of our closet (in fact, trend that: #ComeOutOfYourCloset).

And what's more, share your story. If you've stood up to wire shelves. If you've stood up to anything at all. We want to hear about you & your closet. Your commitment to truth & autonomous living is inspiring. 

And closets? It doesn't even have to be Modular Closets (although we do recommend it). 

The spirit of our company is one wrought with passion for freedom. Freedom in any form. 

That's Why People Hate Wire Shelves.

In Summation: Wire shelving has become the accepted standard for home closets. When chancing upon a deeply entrenched & virtually uncontested societal practice, it is incumbent upon society to ask- How? Why? When people are paying more (& often not that much more) for a higher standard of living on every level, investing a little more in your storage space to save square footage of apartment space free from furniture is one of the smarter "investments". Wire shelving has robbed us of the perspective: a closet can be more. Closet spaces everywhere are turning into a canvas for upheaval.


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