3 Custom Closet Design Trends

3 Custom Closet Design Trends

Do you want a new look for your closet? A look that’s stylish and luxurious feeling, so that you’ll want to actually show off your closet (and not just hide a big mess behind closed doors, as many people do)? Are you curious about the hottest custom closet design trends?

Here at Modular Closets, we know how much you want a closet that’s both functional and beautiful. And, in an ideal world, it ought to be affordable too. So that’s exactly what we do. Our modular approach to the custom closet gives you the personalized storage solutions you need at a cost way below bespoke designers, all the while still giving you a high-end, on-trend quality design.

If you want the latest in custom closet design trends, check out these 3 ideas to transform your closet:

1. The Walk-In Closet / Sitting Are Combo

Today’s closets are more than just a place to store your wardrobe. They’re a haven of beauty, where you can feel pampered and surrounded by your vision of luxury.

Many people want a walk-in closet, but there’s no available space in their current closet layout. The next best thing is to transform a nook of your master bedroom or a spare room into a walk-in closet / sitting area combo.

As a sitting area, this is a place you can come to meditate, write in your journal, or just quietly relax and unwind at the end of the day. As a walk-in closet, you’ll not only store your wardrobe but add mirrors and put on display your favorite accessories, so the room becomes a multi-functional space of beauty.

Modular Closets

2. Minimalist, Clean Design

Luxury today is the opposite of ornate, complicated design. What our clients are craving most is simplicity and functionality, a lifestyle that’s easy and relaxed.

By adding closet accessories like tie racks or pull-out valet rods, you add an element of versatility to your closet, so that it’s easy to adapt as trends and seasons change. Best of all, these elements are there for when you need them, but they otherwise hide in the background, so your closet feels more spacious.

3. Modular Closet Options

What happens as trends start to evolve? Interestingly, one of the most popular requests in the market today is for a custom closet solution that will last over time.

This is why the modular closet approach is both trendy and classic!

With modular elements like hanging rods, drawers, and open shelves that can easily be added, removed, or changed, it’s easy to put together a custom closet that can continue to serve you in a personalized way, even as your needs and desires may change over time.

If you’re ready to start exploring how a custom closet might make your life easier and more luxurious without breaking the bank, our team here at Modular Closets is looking forward to working with you. And with our Flash Sales, for a limited time you can even save 10% off all orders over $500.

Get your free Modular Closets personalized closet design – just fill out the form online!

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