3 Great Closet Design Ideas for Small Spaces

3 Great Closet Design Ideas for Small Spaces


Did you think custom closets were only for large walk-in luxury spaces? Not so!  In fact, the addition of the right closet system to a small space such as a reach-in closet can be one of the best ways to maximize the space you do have. 

Here at Modular Closets, we understand that the best closet designs are those that work for your existing space and the lifestyle you want to live.  Everyone’s home is different, so that the right organizational strategy will vary from person to person.  If you have a small cozy home with tiny closets, you may get the most benefit from incorporating a storage system that makes the most of the space you do have. 

If you’re looking for some closet design inspiration for your small spaces, consider one of these 3 strategies: 

1. Custom Shoe Storage

If you own many pairs of beautiful shoes, maybe it’s time to finally get them off the floor and put them on display!

Open shelves designed for shoes may be the perfect space saver in your closet. Not only do custom shelves prevent a mess of footwear from collecting on the floor, they also make it easier to sort and see exactly what you own.

You may even want to color coordinate your shoe collection for an added touch of luxury and design in your closet.   

Modular Closets

2. Custom Jewelry Organizer & Display

If you own many pieces of jewelry and other accessories that have a tendency to get tangled up in a box, a custom jewelry organizer may be just the thing you need to turn your mess into a gorgeous masterpiece worthy of display. 

If you install several drawers as part of your new closet system and insert velvet-lined organizers into each drawer, you can create space to finally sort and showcase all your sparkling pieces. 

You can even install a lock on each drawer to make sure everything is safe and secure.

3. Full Vertical Sections

One of the best ways to maximize space in a small closet is to make full use of the height available with full vertical sections.

How you want to divide up the vertical space is up to you – there are several arrangements of drawers, open shelves, and or hanging rods that might make sense depending on what you own.

You may even want to take advantage of closet accessories, such as tie racks or pull out hamper inserts in order to make the best use of whatever space you do have. 

If you’re ready to make the most out of your small closet space, now may be the right time for a custom closet system solution.  At Modular Closets, our gorgeous plywood closet systems are made to work with your existing space, no matter what the size. We even have an easy order and DIY installation process, so that you can start improving your closet right away. 

For a free closet design, just fill out our online form!

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