4 Custom Closet Designs for Small Closets

4 Custom Closet Designs for Small Closets

You don’t need a large walk-in closet in order to benefit from a custom closet solution. In fact, small closets, such as tight reach-in closets, often benefit the most from a smart closet organization system that maximizes whatever space is available. 

Here are 4 closet system ideas that are perfect to make the most use out of a tiny closet space:

1. Combine Hanging Rods with Open Shelving

Often it is the vertical space in a closet that goes to waste. One of the best ways to fully utilize all the space you have available is to combine hanging rods with open shelves.

The perfect combination of rods and shelves can be customized to your storage needs.  If you have many short items that need to be hung, like shirts and jackets or children’s-sized clothes, then you will probably benefit from having multiple rows of hanging rods. If you have a large shoe collection that needs to come up off the floor, you will undoubtedly want more open shelves.

Whatever the size or shape of your closet, you can design a closet system that will fit the dimensions of your space and make sure it’s appropriate for your storage needs.

2. Use Multiple, Adjustable Shelves

Some of the most overlooked closets in a home are office closets or small closets in spare rooms.  These spaces, however, provide an excellent opportunity to improve your overall home organizational system and simplify your life.

One of the best uses for a small extra closet is to fill it will multiple, adjustable shelves. This offers you the opportunity to make changes as your storage needs develop.

Bonus tip: use baskets or boxes on the shelves to further increase the organizational capacity.

3. Closed Drawers Are Great for Storage

Many homes get cluttered by small items that don’t have a place to be put away.

Instead of throwing your items in an overflowing “junk” drawer, make use of the vertical space available in a closet by incorporating multiple closed drawers. These closed drawers will keep your space looking clean and simplified while creating a designated space for small items to be categorized and put away.

4. Consider Adding Closet Accessories

Another way to maximize the space available in a small closet is to add closet accessories.

For example, a tie rack or a belt rack allows you to make use of the wall space inside a closet and keep these items neat and organized. Or, you may want a rotating clothes hook or pivoting hanger rack that can be folded up inside the small space of your closet and then fully extended for easy use when you want to access the closet’s contents.

If you want to make better use of your small closet without spending a fortune on expensive custom design, Modular Closets offers a modular solution to the custom closet.  Our system allows for an upgrade that is superior in quality and affordable in price.

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