4 Things You Should Purge Right Now for an Uncluttered Home Office During COVID-19

4 Things You Should Purge Right Now for an Uncluttered Home Office During COVID-19

Now that we’re several weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic crisis here in the U.S., you may be one of the many professionals who has had to adjust to working from a home office. Do you look around and find that your home office is a cluttered mess?

Studies have shown that clutter can contribute to greater stress – and reducing stress is something we probably all could use right now.

Luckily, there are a few quick actions you can take that can make a big impact in creating a more organized, less cluttered home office. We love these kinds of hacks here at Modular Closets, where we’re always looking for ways to help people organize – and improve! – their home lives.

If you’re ready to declutter your home office so you can create an environment that encourages productivity and decreases stress during this anxious COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, try purging some of these:


1. Paper Monthly Statements & Bills

Are you still getting monthly bills and statements in paper form?

Most companies and institutions today have “paperless” options that not only will keep your desk clear but help save trees too!

If, like many busy professionals, you’ve been putting off switching to paperless statements due to lack of time…. well, maybe this is one way to put this lockdown time to good use.

As you’re changing your bill settings to digital form, check to see if your past history of statements is also already stored online. If so, go ahead and safely shred those old paper statements. (You can always download and print the online version during the rare circumstances you may need a physical copy).

If necessary, you can use your smartphone to take photos of old paper statements so that you can create a digital copy that makes it possible to let go of the physical version.


2. User Manuals Modular Closets

Do you have a drawer filled with user manuals for your home appliances like coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, TVs, microwaves, and various other electronic devices?

Those user manuals can contain valuable bits of information, like how to clean your coffee maker or hook up a new device to your tv. But they can also start to take up a lot of space, especially once you’ve collected a whole pile of them.

The good news is – most user manuals today are available online! Typically, a quick query in your search engine will lead to the appropriate pdf, especially if you’ve made note of the exact name and/or product number.

You could also go straight to the manufacturer’s website, or check out sites like www.manualsonline.com, where you can find thousands of manuals and even engage with a community to solve product support issues.


3. CD-ROMs

If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned out your home office, you may find you still have some of those old software installation CD-ROMs hanging around.

Now that it’s 2020, pretty much anything you had on a CD-ROM can and should be available online. So, welcome in the new decade and stop partying (working?) like it’s 1999.


4. Business Cards

Even in this digital age, it’s still common to exchange paper business cards at in-person networking events. So, you may have piles of such cards collecting dust around your home office. 

While we’re all taking a break from in-person events, now is a great time to go through the cards you’ve kept and streamline down to just those contacts you’ll actually want to keep in contact with.

There are several apps – like Cam Card – that make it easy to upload a photo for each card and keep all the info organized in one place, so you can finally recycle all the paper ones.

Even though here at Modular Closets we’re practicing social distancing like everyone else, we’re still absolutely connected with our community online. We’ll be happy to help you improve the organization of your home office for FREE with a customized closet design.

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