4 Ways an Organized Garage Will Improve Your Life

4 Ways an Organized Garage Will Improve Your Life

Summertime is the season for enjoying time outdoors. It’s also a good time to consider how an organized garage might enhance your Summer experience.

Here at Modular Closets, we understand how garage storage solutions may be just what you need to improve your home life. In too many homes, a garage becomes the cluttered space where random things collect, everything from old toys to sports equipment to garden tools and outdoor supplies you may not have used in years. Does this sound like your garage?

Here are 4 ways your life will be dramatically improved with an organized garage:

1. Keep Expensive Belongings Safe & Secure

Even though many garages are a disorganized mess, mixed in among the clutter are probably some rather expensive belongings like cars, bicycles, power tools, and heavy-duty equipment for your lawn. 

Once you organize your garage, it’s easier for expensive items to stay protected. For example, there’s less danger of your car getting scratched from someone trying to squeeze past with a bulky piece of equipment in tow. 

Also, you can use shelves or cabinets of drawers to store tools and lawn equipment, so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or accidentally ending up with the trash.

2. Keep Dangerous Tools Safe & Secure

If you have any children around your home or neighborhood, you’ll want to keep their curious hands and eyes away from certain items that are probably stored in your garage.

For example, many people use their garages to store hedge trimmers, drills, maybe even a chainsaw. Plus, fertilizers or other chemicals used outdoors should be securely stored.

3. Find What You Need When You Need It

Have you ever wasted precious free time on the weekend or after work looking for something in your garage?  When a garage is a mess, it can be difficult to find those small but oh-so-necessary items like the right tool or garden accessory. 

Luckily, there are all sorts of ways you can easily and quickly add some order to your garage.  For example, you may want to stack small bins or baskets on open shelves or create a system of drawers that makes use of an otherwise empty wall space.

4. Make It Easy to Make Good Choices

Often times, garages get messy because it’s easier to just put something anywhere…until everything just adds up to a big mess. 

The key to getting and staying organized is to put in place an organization system so that it’s easy to put things away.  In order to do this, you want to create designated spaces so that you know without thinking just where to put everything away.

An organization system can be as simple as adding some shelves or some drawers and then adding some bins or dividers so that it’s clear and obvious how to put everything away.  An organization system like this not only adds ease to your routine, but will make your garage more visually appealing too.

If you’re ready to start upgrading your garage with a FREE organization design, click here

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