15‌ Genius Closet‌ ‌Organization‌ ‌Ideas to Declutter Your Life
15‌ Genius Closet‌ ‌Organization‌ ‌Ideas to Declutter Your Life

15‌ Genius Closet‌ ‌Organization‌ ‌Ideas to Declutter Your Life


15 Closet Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Life

If you're like most of us, you share a love-hate relationship with tidying up the house.

You love tackling the "easy" rooms first — the living room, bedrooms, even the garage — because clearing up the clutter makes you feel "free."

You hate the one area you always leave for last:

That disaster of a closet.

The mountain of unworn shoes, shirts falling off hangers, and junk on the shelves make finding the right outfit impossible.

You've procrastinated long enough!

Here are 15 closet organization ideas that'll leave you with a little decluttering inspiration and closer to your dream closet:

1. Separate Long & Short Clothes into Their Own Areas

If you're a confirmed fashionista, your sense of style includes a little bit of everything.

Some hangers hold long, flowy, summertime maxi dresses that almost reach the floor.

Others carry petite crop tops that are easy to lose in a mess of hangers.

Blazers, V-necks, and everything in-between fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

But when you mix lengths, even the most fashionable designer clothes look disorganized.

Our first tip:

Divide long and short clothes into separate areas!

Check Out These Hanging Space Closet Modules

The Vista Hanging Tower (Short) unit offers just enough hanging room for blouses, pullovers, pants, sweaters, and skirts. 

For longer garments like dresses and pants, the Vista Tall Hanging Tower (Long) unit can keep your favorite items wrinkle-free.

There's no excuse for the clutter now.

Do you have space for a custom closet system but haven't gotten your dream closet yet? Consider getting in touch with our design team who will walk you through the entire process!

2. Declutter Your Closet with the Three-Pile Method

When was the last time I wore this?

I don't even remember buying that.

Have you ever whispered these phrases to yourself while digging through your closet?

If so, a mild clothes-hoarding habit could be to blame!

A purge is needed to organize a messy closet from top to bottom.

Ditch the outdated, holey, and ill-fitting clothes that are eating up precious closet space.

Take everything out of your closet.

Then, divide it into three piles:

  •       Keep: For clothes with sentimental value that are still in style or that you wear often
  •       Donate: For items that are still wearable but you don't plan to wear in the future
  •       Toss: For clothing that's torn, stained, and holds no value

Bring your "donate" pile to a local clothing donation center (like Goodwill or the Salvation Army).

Shove the "toss" pile into trash bags to leave on the curb.

And breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the "keep" pile will free up tons of space.

3. Use Your Space Wisely with More Shelving & Rods

The average closet has one long rod for hangers and a narrow shelf above it that doubles as storage space.

Unfortunately, that large gap under your clothes goes to waste.

And, if you don't need every inch of that rod, a good chunk of vertical space to the side sits empty.

Installing more shelves or rods can double or even triple your space for shirts, trousers, favorite shoes, and accessories!

The best part?

You don't need to hire a construction crew to expand your closet.

Check Out These Closet Modules with Shelves

A set-up like the Vista Collection 8 ft Closet System 96" Wide-Style F offers a little bit of everything: 

Two hanging spaces, four adjustable shelves, and two fixed shelves.

Or, if you prefer more rods to shelves, the Vista Collection 8 ft Closet System - Style D has nearly double the hanging space of your average closet!

4. Color-Code!

One of the biggest "faux pas" in the fashion world is wearing colors that clash, like an orange shirt paired with bright red pants.

It's not that you don't understand complementary colors.

The problem is:

There's not enough time in the morning to dig through hundreds of shirts to find one that matches your lower half.

Color-coding is the answer!

From left to right, get ready to put ROYGBIV in action:

  •       Red
  •       Orange
  •       Yellow
  •       Green
  •       Blue
  •       Indigo
  •       Violet

We'll leave the greys, browns, blacks, and whites up to you.

Now, the next time you need a green sweater, you know to look between the yellow and blue tops.

5. Free Up Bedroom & Closet Space with Closet Drawers

You can only squeeze so many pairs of socks, boxers, and intimates into your regular dresser drawers.

But what about the overflow?

If you don't share a bedroom closet or prefer folding instead of hanging, you're in luck.

Installing drawers in your closet can maximize your storage space while keeping your more sensitive garments out of view.

Check Out These Closet Modules with Drawer Space

Do you want to add drawers without sacrificing hanging space?

The Vista Hanging Tower with Drawers comes with two drawers and 42" hanging space for skirts and pants.

Or you can replace your dresser entirely with the Vista 4 Drawer Shelf Tower.

This unit offers roomy drawers up to 31.5" wide to store all your unmentionables, folded pants, or athletic tees.

6. Sort by Size, Garment Type, & Season

Color-coding works miracles for a more casual taste in fashion (T-shirts, hoodies, etc.).

But when your style includes button-downs, formal wear, seasonal specials, and maternity outfits, organization suffers.

Instead, re-arrange your closet by:

  •       Season: Keep swim trunks and camisoles separate from your wool sweaters and undershirts.
  •       Type: Separate your formal and casual wear. Or hang tees and V-necks in one section and pants and shorts in another.
  •       Size: If you have maternity clothes or different sizes, put clothes in size order. 

There's no right or wrong way to organize your hangers.

So, think about your taste in fashion and what makes the most sense for you.

For example, seasonal is a better choice if there's a 50-degree difference between winter and summer weather.

And so on.

7. Organize Footwear Clutter with Shoe Organizers

Messy hangers are bad enough.

But when you can't walk through your closet without tripping over a pair of sneakers, you run into a new problem:

Shoe organization.

Whether you have dozens of stiletto heels, work boots, running sneakers, or a mix of all three, a shoe organizer will help!

Check Out These Shoe Organizer Closet Modules

The Vista Shoe Shelf Tower is every shoe collector's dream.

This 71" tall, 31.5" wide shoe rack boasts up to eight shelves and can store dozens of your favorite sneaks.

Are you already low on space?

The more miniature Vista Shoe Shelf Short Tower tucks nicely under a window or in the corner of a nearly full walk-in closet, offering plenty of shoe rack storage.

8. Embrace the Storage Basket Trend

Are you a fan of fashion accessories?

Is your outfit "incomplete" without a pair of shades, a woven hat, a bracelet, or a scarf?

It looks like it's time to embrace the storage basket trend.

Save some shelf space for a few wicker baskets that can keep your favorite accessories within reach but still hidden from sight.

Check Out These Closet Accessory Modules

These baskets are also great farmhouse-style decor pieces and fit nicely in a cubby-style module like the Vista Cubby Insert.

Fashionable and practical, who knew?

Or, you can keep your accessories on display with the Deluxe Accessories Pack.

This organizational option comes with four easy-install features, including:

  • A scarf rack
  • A belt rack
  • A tie rack
  • A valet rod

You're well on your way to a Better Homes & Gardens-worthy closet.

9. Take Advantage of Your Closet's Depth

Those extra closet shelves maximize your closet's vertical space.

And the wall-to-wall rod covers the horizontal end.

Now, all that's left is taking advantage of your closet's depth.

Check Out These Space-Saving Closet Modules

Case in point: our convenient Closet Valet.

This sleek and hidden clothing rod is the perfect place to hang:

  • Your recently ironed shirts
  • The suit you plan to wear to your next interview
  • The outfit you picked out for tomorrow

Or if you're more of a jeans or cargo pants guy, there's an accessory like the Pants Rack Pull Out.

Hang your pants in empty closet space and pull out the rack when you're ready to spruce together your next outfit.

10. Reserve Closet Space for Clothing & Shoes

Every year, you make a promise to yourself: I'll do whatever it takes to keep this nook of the house clean!

Yet, within a few months, your closets suddenly become home to:

  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Boxes you haven't yet thrown away
  • Bags of old clothes
  • Kids' toys
  • Books

Make a rule to use every inch of closet space for articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The rest can go in the basement or garage until you figure out where they belong!

11. Keep Dirty Clothes Off the Floor

You have a hamper, maybe even two.

Yet, your dirty clothes always end up in a pile on the floor in the corner of your room.

And post-shower, that pile leaves behind a damp spot and a mildewy stench.

It's not exactly welcoming for any guests walking down the hall!

The solution:

Keep those worn clothes tucked away in your closet.

 Check Out This Hamper Drawer Closet Module

The Pull Out Hamper Drawer is an even better solution if you prefer the classy hamper-off-the-floor look with removable bags.

This hideaway hamper is a great way to conceal this Sunday's laundry.

It also comes with removable bags so that you can carry it to the washing machine!

12. Clean Little by Little in Short Bursts

Don't let the clutter build up for too long.

Instead, clean your closet in short bursts throughout the year.

If a shirt springs a hole, toss it immediately.

When you return from a wedding, put your heels back where they belong.

You can also reverse all hangers, and when you hang clothes up again after doing laundry, return the hangers to their rightful position.

In six months, the hangers still facing backward are clothes you hardly wear.

Donate them or get rid of them!

13. Design a Custom-Made Closet Built for You

The only thing better than a well-organized closet is having a space designed for you. 

Shoe lovers need extra shelves.

Those who sport dresses will need taller hanging spaces.

The list goes on.

With Modular Closets' Design Your Own Closet tool, you can build a closet that matches your clothing needs exactly — walk-in, reach-in, or a complete custom closet.

Use every inch of space without letting any go to waste!

14. Vacuum-Seal Off-Season Clothes to Save space

There are three types of clothes:

  1. Those you wear every few weeks
  2. Those you haven't worn in years (and should get rid of)
  3. Those you wear once-in-a-while

That last bunch can tug at your heartstrings as you debate whether to hold onto them or free up a little extra space.

Luckily, there's a middle ground here:

Vacuum-sealing clothes during their off-season.

This method can cut down on used space by 50%. 

But you can store these clothes in the basement or under the bed without worrying about mold or moths.

And keep your closet presentable year-round.

15. Keep Your Faves Within Arm's Reach 

Maybe it's a denim jacket, a pair of chinos, or a hoodie from your college days. 

Either way, we all have "go-to" clothing items that we reach for almost instinctively.

So why dig through dozens of hangers and drawers to find them?

If you prefer to cut your morning routine down to 15 minutes, keeping your favorites within arm's reach can guarantee that.

Reserve a drawer for your favorite jeans or undergarments.

Or hang your all-time favorite shirts and sweaters front-and-center.

Just grab and go!


Are you tired of digging through hangers for your favorite blouse? 

What about climbing over clothes that haven't fit in years? 

Are you annoyed that you must organize and reorganize every season?

Of course, you are!

Nobody looks forward to cleaning out their closet.

Our team at Modular Closet can help.

Whether it's more closet rods, shelves, drawers, or even a complete closet redesign, give us a call at (855) 496-3152 for more information!

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