Craft Room Organization: Create Your Perfect Craft Room for 2020

Craft Room Organization: Create Your Perfect Craft Room for 2020

Is pursuing your favorite craft project one of your goals for 2020? Maybe this is the year you will complete your masterpiece. Or maybe you want to work on projects with your children. Either way, an organized craft room will go a long way to help you achieve your goals.

Here at Modular Closets, we understand how projects are easier when you have plenty of space to work, without having to spend time continuously moving items around in a tight space or hunting for the tools and materials you need. Distractions like these just hamper the creative process.

If you want to create a beautiful, functional space where you can relax and enjoy pursuing your craft projects, here’s a 3-step process for improving the organization of your craft room.


1. Take Stock of Your Craft Room Storage Needs

Not everyone has the same storage needs. Your needs will depend on the kind of project(s) you want to pursue.

For example, a painter needs tubes of paint, various palettes, brushes, and maybe multiple easels close at hand with plenty of space to move freely.

If you love scrapbooking, you need to store multiple small items like stamps, stickers, and markers so that you can easily find the right pieces, colors, and design elements you need when you need them.

For some craft projects, you may be using certain chemicals or sharp items (like knives and specialty scissors) that will require safe handling and storage, especially when they’re not in use.

In order to create the craft room of your dreams, it’s important to know exactly what you will want to store. We recommend sorting everything you want to keep into categories so that you will start to get a sense of how you’ll need to divide up the space you have.

Now would also be a good time to go through all your craft items and donate or throw away things you no longer use. The organization process will be easier with fewer things to have to store!  

2. Make Full Use of Your Craft Room Wall Space

One of the best tips for maximizing your storage potential is to take full advantage of the vertical space available in your craft room and use your walls for storage.

A system of open shelves with baskets and maybe some drawers included will make it easy to create a designated space for all your craft item needs. Shelf dimensions might vary depending on the size and weight of what you want to store.

Open shelves may also be a wonderful way to showcase some of your finished work!

Modular Closets

3. Create a Customized Plan

Once you start to get a sense of your storage needs, it’s time to create a customized plan that takes into account both your needs and preferences as well as the specific features of your craft room.

For example, maybe your craft room has just one window, and you’ll want to place your work surface just below it. Do you need just a flat table or maybe a desk with drawers filled with inserts to store small items for easy access? These decisions will start to determine what other options you have available for storage.

Or, maybe you want to work at a central island, which might also include shelves or cubbies incorporated below the work surface? Do you prefer to sit or stand? Maybe you want a bench that could include storage capacity underneath? 

Once you know your preferences and needs, you can start to play with different craft room design options so that you put together the perfect storage plan for you.

Are you ready to explore how you can transform your craft room space for 2020?  If so, you can get a FREE custom storage design for your craft room.

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