Custom Closet Design: 5 Rooms to Organize Before the Weather Gets Cold

Custom Closet Design: 5 Rooms to Organize Before the Weather Gets Cold

You know what that slight chill in the air means – autumn is getting ready to start, and soon the days will be cold again. Before they do, it’s a great time to get your home organized with a custom closet.

Here at Modular Closets, we love helping homeowners like you make life feel simpler and more enjoyable. With Halloween and the rest of the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your home will be prepared.

If you’re ready to start improving your home life, here’s a 5-step, room-by-room guide to home organization and storage solutions you can create with a custom closet:

1. Your Entryway or Mudroom

How do all your family members and guests enter into your home? Whether it’s through a formal entryway into a foyer or a back door into a mudroom, make sure that first room is ready for action.

By adding a closet system of open shelves, drawers, and hanging rods, you can make sure there’s plenty of space for everyone to hang up a jacket or coat, stash their shoes, and put away their bags and keys.

By keeping this space neat and tidy, it will be easy to keep track of everything you need to constantly bring in and out of the house.

2. Your Kitchen

If your kitchen and pantry got cluttered during lazy days of summer filled with picnics, barbecues, and cookouts, now is the time to get everything organized before the rush of the holiday season.

You may want to add an extra system of custom shelves to finally organize you spices, or make room for extra baking supplies. You could even use some extra drawers to help store extra dishes or holiday place settings.

3. Your Master Bedroom

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to change your wardrobe over to your heavier clothes. While your making the transition, now would be a great time to go through the contents of your closet and finally get organized.

Take this opportunity to purge the clothing you no longer wear. Items that are just “gently used” can be donated to charity or maybe even sold online. Once you have a streamlined wardrobe, consider how you can re-organize your closet to make it more functional.

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, you can add a new system of shelves, drawers, and extra rows of hanging rods to make full use of the space and keep your wardrobe better organized.

4. Your Home Office

If you’ve let papers and projects clutter up your home office space, now is the time to review what’s on your desk and get organized. A tidy office can help you be more efficient and productive on a daily basis.

By adding a system of drawers and shelves to your office space, you can create an effective storage system for all your home office supplies and the important documents you need to manage and keep. A filing system will help make sure you keep track of critical paperwork.

Modular Closets

5. Your Garage

Now that summertime is ending, it’s time to put away your beach chairs, patio furniture, and gardening equipment. With a well-organized garage, it’s easy to make sure everything will stay in good condition until next year.

Best of all, if you clean out your garage now, you’ll be sure to have plenty of space to keep your car in the garage when the weather gets bad this winter.

If you’re ready to start the process of adding a custom closet to one of your rooms before it gets really cold, we’d love to offer you a FREE closet design here at Modular Closets.

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