Garage Organization – Why It Ought to Be the First thing You Do to Start 2020

Garage Organization – Why It Ought to Be the First thing You Do to Start 2020

Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? Maybe you’re thinking this is the year you will finally focus on getting your home organized. If so, perhaps you want to set your resolution to focus on garage organization.

Garage organization often gets placed on the back burner, as it might seem overwhelming or a task that you can get around to “someday.” Precisely for this reason, if you start by focusing on your garage organization, you can get a big “win” that will set you up for more future successes.

Best of all, organizing your garage can be easier than you think. It’s all about having a smart plan in place before you begin. Here at Modular Closets, we love helping homeowners to figure out the simple organization strategies that will save you time (and maybe even money!) when you keep everything clearly and safely stored away and accounted for. 

If you’d like to improve your garage organization for 2020, here’s a 3-part plan to get you set up for success:


1. Access

One of the benefits of an organized garage is easy access to all the most important things you stow away there.

The first step to making your garage more accessible is to clear up the floor space. In order to do this, you want to make use of the vertical space that is available and probably going unused in your garage.

One way to make use of your vertical space is to incorporate cabinets or shelves so that you can store things up off the ground. You may even want to use baskets or bins on open shelves to help you organize all your belongings.

For example, you may want to group all our sports equipment together or keep all your gardening tools in one place. Another useful strategy is to keep everyday items in easy reach while reserving shelves that are higher up for more long-term storage.

Bu utilizing your walls more effectively, you hopefully will even be able to use your garage park in your car this winter!


2. Safety

Another important consideration when it comes to garage organization is making sure everything is stored safely.

Many people store flammable items in their garage, like cleaning chemicals and paint – it is important to make sure these are kept a safe distance from any heat source. It’s also important to keep any potentially dangerous chemicals safe from curious young children and pets. You may want to incorporate drawers with locks, just to be certain.

Another consideration is making sure that heavy items won’t fall and potentially harm anyone or damage your other belongings. For this reason, you want to make sure you have enough shelving such that you don’t exceed the load capacity.


3. Ease

Once your garage is properly organized, you should experience greater ease in knowing where everything is and what it’s being stored properly.

Of course, many times garage organization feels overwhelming because there is so much unnecessary stuff just cluttering up space. Now is a good time to go through everything in the garage and get rid of anything you won’t use again.

Maybe your spring gardening equipment or summer patio furniture won’t hold up for another season? Now is the time to clear it away so that you can start 2020 afresh.

Are you ready to improve your garage organization for 2020? If so, our team here at Modular Closets will be happy to help by offering you a FREE closet design for your garage space. Just full out our online form!


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