Modular Closet DIYs: Kid's Bedroom Closet

Modular Closet DIYs: Kid's Bedroom Closet

As part of our continued series Modular Closets DIY's, we tackled a trending space found in any home with lego minefields & gum in places you knew not there were even places:
The Kid's Bedroom Closet
The ideas & inspiration is endless, & we'll show you how to adapt our Modular Closets to achieve practically any kid's closet configuration you can imagine up. 

The Before Pic:

Our space today is a reach-in closet I cleared out measuring 84" wide X 96" high. The return walls are around 12" including moulding, & the reach-in depth at the narrowest point on the moulding is 22". 

How to Plan: Idea-Board It

Looking around on Pinterest & Instagram showed a great deal of creativity in the wallpaper space. Being that our modules are open back, this gives us a great opportunity for a nice wall pop. 

I found some lovely options via Target, & chose this grey and white chevron pattern because it's light & not too committal. It'll pops nicely behind the closet units & will go nicely with red accents. 

Wallpaper Tiger

Target's Devine Colors wallpapers were a go for my project, & I chose this pattern & cut the strips to size. 


Wallpaper lining up

Here's a supertip: I used one of the smooth metal hanging rods from the Double Hanging unit I had as a squeegie-like mechanism to smooth down the air bubbles trapped under the wallpaper. Worked like a charm!

Getting all the chevrons to line up on the wall was challenging, reminding me how much I hate putting up wall paper. But, I must say, the finished result gave me renewed faith in myself & humanity.

Here's the finished wallpapered wall:

Modular Closet Versatility

I decided to use the following sections for my children's closet configuration:

  1. 24" Shelf Tower Section
  2. 24" Double Hanging Section
  3. 36" Shelf & Rod Kit for my desk (I didn't use the rod)

The Double Hanging on the left would allow for a nice bit of hanging space, with shelving in the Shelf Tower to the left. In the center, my 36" space would give me a ton of flexibility for different things- a desk, a reading nook (see pics below), more hanging or storage, etc. 


The Fun Begins

I first attempted a reading nook area here. Reading nooks are a great way to allot some safe, private space to your child- a "me" place- filled with all their favorite cozy toys and books. A place for their imaginations to run wild. And for yours too. Make a blanket fort. A pillow igloo. The more the better. The lower shelves on my Shelf Tower here were perfect for books & toys. 

A nice bed sheet with some string lighting makes for a super great, comfy tent reading nook. 

 Kid's Closet- Desk Setup

For my desk measuring 36" wide, I reconfigured a Modular Closets Shelf & Rod Kit. I simply did not use the rod from the Shelf & Rod kit, and used the rear hanging rail that normally attaches to the wall as a front panel for the desk. 

The Shelf & Rod Kit includes two side support panels I attached to the two flanking units to support the desk shelf. 



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