#ModularClosetDIYs: How To Design A Pallet Wall Closet With A Slanted Ceiling

#ModularClosetDIYs: How To Design A Pallet Wall Closet With A Slanted Ceiling

As part of our ongoing segment #ModularClosetDIYs, my latest DIY project tackles two things I'm passionate about: pallet walls & slanted ceilingsSince our office is a converted house, my CEO's office (read: master bedroom) has a nice empty walk-in closet = perfect project location. 


All the trappings of a plain old, wire shelving, slanted ceiling closet. What we see: Rippling Modular Potential!


Prepping the Space 

Prying off the moulding 

After removing the old wire shelving and window moldings, I proceeded to mark off my studs to assure the securest possible anchor. 

The Art of Pallet Harvesting


As chance would have it, I secured myself a bunch of free pallets- Here they are in my backyard. 

I started by using a Sawzill, or reciprocating saw, to saw into the nails holding the cross boards to the main frame. Took a while to find the right blade, and I ended up switching over to a standard handsaw. This allowed me to saw the boards along the edge of the frame. The pieces ended up being smaller, but I found this method to be the easiest of all. 

After sanding down my pallet boards & setting up my 2.5" Nail Compressor, I began nailing the boards onto my closet wall at staggered intervals. I left a space where I knew the center Drawer Unit I'd planned to go under the window would be, figuring the drawer fronts would block the back wall. I was right;)

After finishing the lower half, it was time to tackle the slanted angles of the roof. Proud of this: I used a board held to the angle of the slant to mark my trim line on the pallet board that would be cut to fit the angle. Nice DIY tactic, if I do say so myself ::)

Oddly satisfying, fitting in the last few angular pieces, like below.

Here's a look at the pallet wall, pre-stained & pre-closeted:

I then mounted the Drawer Unit under the window, a perfect 30" wide to allow the adjacent Shelf Towers to flank either side of the window.

I planned out my Modular Closet to stand at 78" from the floor at the highest tower, calculating a 6" filler base I'd create using our matching filler strips. The base came out approximately 16" from the base to account for the 14" depth of the Modular Closet components & around 2" of pallet wall. I opted to just keep the Shelf Towers without adding closet Drawers to them.

Mounting the Shelf Towers (without their included floor supports) & smaller Shelf Unit left me some space in between to construct my own hanging area from a Rod & Shelf. I  wanted the staggered descending heights of the units to flow with the roof's slant.

Here's the completed closet, all units installed:

Next morning, I went to Lowes & bought some discount cacti & a planter under the window. Fashioning a box from some leftover pallet boards was a cinch. 

I still need to finish the top of the Drawer Units & add additional drawer pulls, but here's the final closet pic: 


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