Custom Closet Transformation: 3 Ways a Custom Closet Can Dramatically Improve Your Life and Home

Custom Closet Transformation: 3 Ways a Custom Closet Can Dramatically Improve Your Life and Home

Do you want to maximize the space you have available in your home while also improving the everyday efficiency of your lifestyle? A custom closet can help you to do just. 

Here at Modular Closets, we love the transformations we see happen on a regular basis when our customers incorporate our custom closets into their homes. Not only do their homes look cleaner, chicer and more luxuriously beautiful, our customers also report feeling less stressed and more at ease in their day-to-day living 

If you’re curious about improving your home organization and everyday lifestyle, check out these 3 ways that custom closets could transform your life and home:

1. A Personalized Storage Solution that Fits Your Needs

When you get a closet design from one of our Modular Closets professionals (which you can get for FREE with this promotion on our website), your closet space and your closet needs will determine the ultimate design. 

Our closet designers will make full use of the space you have available in your closet, utilizing shelves, drawers, cubbies, and maybe even rows of hanging rods, so that otherwise unused space can be put to good organizational use.

However, the determining factor for which closet system pieces will be used in your closet design is not just the space, but your closet needs.

For example, if you’re looking to store lots of small accessories, you may want several rows of drawers with dividers to create compartments for each piece. However, if you’re more of a “jeans and t-shirts type” of person, you probably prefer more open to shelves for folding and stacking your clothes. 

Modular Closets

2. An Organization Strategy for Each Room

When people hear the words “custom closet,” they often think about an organizational strategy for their bedroom closet. And whether you have a walk-in or a reach-in closet, a custom closet system can make efficient use of your space to organize your everyday wardrobe. 

But, custom closet solutions are not just for the bedroom.

Instead, custom closets can be used throughout your home to make all aspect of your home life easier and more organized.

For example, you could use a system of shelves in your home office to keep your work life organized. You could use shelves and drawers in your kitchen to store extra food and cookware. You might want a system of cubbies or drawers near your main entryway to simplify the process of getting everyone out the door on time.

You can design a home organization system, with custom closets strategically placed throughout your home so there’s plenty of storage for all your belongings – including those infrequently used special possessions that you want to keep without cluttering up your rooms.

3. Closet Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

A closet system can be more than just shelves and drawers and hanging rods. While these components are a great foundation, you can enhance the personalization and functionality of your closets with additional closet accessories.

For example, if you wear lots of ties or belts, you can turn unused wall space into an organizational system with tie racks or belt racks. Maybe you want a fold-out valet rod that can help you put an outfit together so it’s easy to quickly get ready in the morning? 

Or maybe it’s a pull-out hamper that can keep your dirty clothes safely hidden from sight until laundry day?

Think about your day-to-day routine and what would help make your life easier and your home tidier. 

Our professional designers at Modular Closets would love to design you a custom closet – for FREE! Just visit us online!


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