Christina's Corner // Organizing Your Shoe Wall!

Christina's Corner // Organizing Your Shoe Wall!

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of organization tips and tricks. Today we are going to be back in Ami McClure’s closet and discussing the perfect ways to make your shoe wall function for you. 

We All Want a Shoe Wall.

Here at Modular Closets, we are no strangers to the magic of shoe walls. I know that I have spoken extensively on the subject but I thought that today would be a good day to walk through how to organize your shoe wall.

Adjustable Shelves Will Save Your Shoe Storage! 

First and foremost, I want to talk about my favorite feature of our shoe walls and really all of our shelves: they are all adjustable. Modular Closets build their systems with different lifestyles and needs in mind, so, they designed the shelving units with height-adjustable shelves to ensure that you can store whatever you need. Ami realized that if she adjusted the height of her shelves, she could fit a whole other shelf in the unit and make room for more shoes.

And if you have seen her shoe collection, you know that she definitely needs all the space to display her BEAUTIFUL shoes that she can get! 

Functionality and Aesthetics Don’t Have to Be Mutually Exclusive! 

How you organize your shoes is 100% up to you. If you prefer to organize them by types of shoes that’s fine. But also keep in mind that you have options. Categorizing your shoes by color, style, use, and even brand are all great strategies that allow you to know exactly where your shoes are, see all of your options, and make a beautiful display moment in your closet. Organization is about more than just aesthetics, it’s about functionality. Examine what you wear most and make sure that you have easy access to those things. This applies for more than just your shoes, so keep this in mind as you organize the other areas of your closet!

Have An Extra Shelf?

If you don’t have as many shoes as Ami but still love the idea of a shoe wall, you still have plenty of options. One of things that I like to do is decorate one or two shelves with my favorite items that provide a touch of personality to my space. You can fill your extra shelf with things like:

  • Handbags
  • Framed Pictures or Artwork
  • Unlit Candles
  • You Prettiest Pair of Shoes
  • A Hat
  • Collectibles

The opportunities are literally endless. Just pick the things that best represent you and make your shoe wall fun! 

My Favorite Shoe Tip!

My final tip for organizing your shoe wall is something that I share all the time because it’s something that I really think everyone should know about. If you alternate the directions that your shoes are facing, you will be able to fit more pairs of shoes on a shelf. Don’t believe me? Try it! Trust me, it will create more space for you and you will never organize your shoes the same way again! 

If you would like to install a Modular Closet system with a shoe wall, you can find the Module that you need here. You can choose from either solid or slanted adjustable shelves, either way, you will have all of the space you need to create the shoe wall of your dreams!

Need Some Help?

Having a tough time organizing? You can always email me at and I will gladly give you some guidance.

Don’t forget to follow Modular Closets on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! We are also on YouTube and you can subscribe to our channel here! If you missed my last blog post, you can read it here

Happy Organizing! 

-Christina Giaquinto

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