5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Custom Closet

5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Custom Closet

Do you want to wake-up every morning and feel like a star when you open your closet door?

If you love fashion, you’ve undoubtedly been awed by the glamorous closets you’ve seen on television that are featured in the homes of celebrities.  Unfortunately, the average American home is not built with such luxurious amenities.

 However, custom closets that are accessorized the right way can easily start to rival some of best closets of the rich and famous. And Modular Closets can give you all the best features of a custom closet at a fraction of the cost.

 If you want to store and display your wardrobe with style, here are 5 ways you can add a sophisticated touch to your custom closet so that every day feels like you’re getting red carpet ready.

1. Let Your Wardrobe Stand Out, Not Your Walls

You want your wardrobe, not your closet walls, to capture the spotlight.  In order to achieve this, it’s best to choose one neutral color for your entire closet so that the walls fade into the background while your wardrobe takes center stage.

Take a cue from the Kardashians: their closets are all a simple pure white.  This look ensures that it’s their gorgeous shoes, handbags, and jewelry that attract attention and admiration.

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2. Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Custom closets make it easy to make the most of the available vertical space in your closet.  Choose a combination of drawers and open shelves to maximize your storage potential. 

Before you start filling your closet, take the time to go through your belongings and keep only those items that you love and use.  Spacing out your handbags and shoes will not only make it easier to see what you have, in general, it creates a more striking visual presentation.

3 Put Your Favorites on Display

As you sort through your belongings, make note of what are your best, most treasured items, and make sure these are given prominent spots in your overall display.

If you store your more basic items on high shelves or inside closed drawers while reserving the center open shelves for your favorites, then these more beloved and glamorous items will be easier to access and add to the luxurious look of your closet.

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4. Accessories Are Meant to Accessorize

If you have beautiful accessories, they can function like art in your new closet. It doesn’t matter if the items are actually expensive, they should just have an expensive look and be your favorites.

Imagine opening up your closet every morning to be greeted at first glance by accessories that evoke your personal sense of style. Now that’s a luxury everybody can and ought to enjoy!

5. Create the Perfect Lighting

In order to make your wardrobe really shine, you need to see it all in its best light.  Recessed lighting creates a bright, even illumination that is perfect for trying on multiple outfits in front of a mirror to get your daily look just right.

If your closet is large enough, consider adding a hanging chandelier for the ultimate in luxe lighting.

To get started designing your dream closet with Modular Closets, fill out the form for a free closet design: https://design.modularclosets.com/free-design/

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