How to Know When It’s Time for a New Home Organization System

How to Know When It’s Time for a New Home Organization System

Is your home in need of a new organization system?  Small changes in lifestyles, habits, and routines can creep up slowly over time but ultimately can have a major impact on the ease and comfort you’re able to feel at home.

If you’re experiencing clutter, stress, or a sense of confusion in your current home routine, it may be time for a new approach to your home organization. 

Helping homeowners create a simple, effective home organization system is one of our passions here at Modular Closets. Not only do we specialize in custom closet solutions and quality plywood closet systems, we can work with you one-on-one to make sure you get a solution that fits the needs of your unique home situation.

Is your home showing one of these tell-tale signs of the need for better home organization? 

1. A Dining Room or Kitchen Table That’s Also Your Office Space

If you’re like some homeowners we know, you’re now able to work at least sometimes from home. But if you don’t have a designated work space, you may have found that the table in your dining room or kitchen is doing double duty as a workspace.

Many homeowners who work at least sometimes from home don’t have the luxury of an extra room that can serve as an office.  Luckily, there are often easy ways to transform a section of an existing room so that you have an organized space to be productive.

You may be able to carve out a “nook” in a family room, living room, or guest room by bringing in a desk and installing some shelves and drawers around it to store all your home office needs. Now there should be plenty of space for your work that’s separate from food!

2. An Overly Cluttered Family Room

Is the clutter in your family room out of control? A family room is often the main gathering area where everyone can come and relax, but unfortunately these rooms can also become a catch-all space for all sorts of belongings, and soon it’s just mess and stress instead of relaxation. 

Oftentimes it’s useful to first go through the mess in your family room and just dispose or donate the things you don’t really need to keep.  Once you’ve streamlined your belongings, you can consider adding drawers to store away small items and open shelves to put on display any prized family possessions you may want to showcase.

Modular Closets

3. Your Kids’ Belongings Taking Over the Whole House

As kids start to get older, it can be easy for them to outgrow their rooms. As they get involved in new activities and their homework demands ncrease, kids often need new ways to keep their belongings organized.

Sometimes, it can be useful to add a new system of drawers and shelves to your kids’ rooms so that they can maximize the space they have available for storage.  But maybe it’s also time to add storage solutions to your basement or attic so that you can hold on to some of their prized artwork and treasures, those old belongings that hold sentimental value from days gone by.

4. A Closet Not Yet Personalized to Your Needs

When you moved into your home, was the closet designed to fit your lifestyle needs?  A closet is often an overlooked space that can be easily transformed with the right combination of hanging rods, shelves, and drawers to store your personal wardrobe and belongings. 

Even if your closet was upgraded before, your needs may have changed. If you find your bedroom is overtaken with clutter, maybe it’s time to rethink your organization system and create storage to fit your current lifestyle.

If you’re ready to improve your home organization with a FREE closet system design of shelves, drawers, and/or hanging rods, just visit us online!

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