Organizing your closet: 6 Hacks for storing you summer stuff

Organizing your closet: 6 Hacks for storing you summer stuff

Driving home from work the other day, my local NJ station blasting out Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” got me thinking … September, and along with it, Summer is indeed coming to an end. The official end to summer is this Wednesday, September 21st with autumn beginning Thursday. Which means this weekend I will be  putting away my summer clothes for the season. I have compiled a few tips that have worked for me over the years for hiding away those summer clothes.

  1. Determine which clothing requires storage.

One of the best ways of saving space when storing is to actually eliminate things that shouldn’t be stored. First determine what needs to be tossed or donated. Anything with holes that can’t be mended should be trashed. Clothes that you didn’t wear the entire season probably should be thrown out or donated to charity. Then figure out which pieces can still be worn as part of your fall wardrobe. You may be surprised as to how many fashion experts have tips for doing just that.

 Throwing out clothes

  1. Clean or mend garments that you’re putting away.

This is a very simple solution that will save you time and frustration when it’s time to get your closet ready for summer 2017. How annoying is it to get that first hint of summer and thinking you have the perfect shirt for your summer wardrobe debut only to pull it out and be reminded of that hole you didn’t fix? Remember to check all buttons to insure they aren’t missing or about to fall off. By cleaning your clothes, besides for having them ready to be just thrown on, prevents stains from settling in permanently.Fix all buttons

  1. T-shirt minimization: the army roll.

This is a favorite space saver of mine which I use whenever I travel.  Instead of folding t-shirts, try rolling them up army style. It saves space and if done properly, will not become undone. Here is a great video on how to "ranger roll" a t-shirt army 

  1. Use dryer sheets to keep clothing smelling fresh.

There is nothing worse than pulling out you meticulously stored clothes and having to deal with that musty smell. Tossing a dryer sheet in when you put it away for the fall will prevent that. It will give you fresh smelling stuff ready to be worn. Dryer sheets to keep a fresh smell 

(photo taken from

  1. Stuff your handbags

I’ve seen people suggesting stuffing handbags with tissue paper to keep the bag’s shape. This is very important for preserving the bag; but a few years ago I had an epiphany. “Why waste space and tissue paper when I can stuff them with things I’m storing anyways?” Using tank tops I managed to keep the shape of two summer bags while creating brand new storage! (This may be tough to do for really small bags.)Stuff your handbags

  1. Use luggage as storage.

You probably have luggage just sitting somewhere selfishly hogging precious space. Most of us do. So why not use your suitcase that you hardly use to store away seasonal clothing? Voila! Instant space saver  

.Don't waste suitcase space


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Pam Cookinspray
Pam Cookinspray

September 16, 2016

Love the dryer sheets hack! Great article!

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