Quality Closets for Men

Quality Closets for Men

Men today play many roles. Work-life. Home-life. Interests. Hobbies. If you’re like most men, you probably have the gear, equipment, clothing, and tools for multiple facets of a complex life. 

In order to achieve greater organization and get the most efficiency from your home and storage space, you should consider a well-equipped, customized closet system. Custom closets made from quality materials, such as durable plywood closets, provide an enduring organizational strategy and make it easier to stay on top of your game when dealing with all the aspects of a full life.   

Understanding that men have unique needs, here are 4 ideas for quality closets to help enhance a man’s space:

Maximize storage with built-in closets

Are you making the most of the available space in your closets? Built-in closets make it possible to create a hanging closet system with multiple drawers and shelves customized to your needs and belongings.

If you’re an athlete or an outdoors enthusiast, you probably have articles of clothing and equipment specific to the activities you pursue.  And they should probably be kept separate from what you wear and need for work.

If you’ve invested in quality goods, you want to make sure they’re stored properly to preserve their value. Did you know, even the best hangers can pull delicate designer shirts and sweaters out of shape? For this reason, built-in closet drawers and shelves are a must-have solution for clothing longevity.

Use an extra rod 

One way to take maximum advantage of the closet space available to you is by installing an additional hanging rod just below your lowest hanging shirts and jackets.  Men typically don’t need long hanging the way women do for formal long dresses and full-length coats. Even your pants can typically be folded and hung to save space. 

By using a double hanging unit for two rows of shorter items, you’ll not only make full use of the vertical height of your closets, you’ll increase the overall storage capacity and create a clean, layered look that makes it easier to see and find just what you’re looking for.

Put shoes in their place

It’s not something men talk about, but the fact is, most men do often accumulate quite an impressive collection of shoes. Dress shoes that match different suit colors, sneakers for different sports, sandals for the beach, boots for winter…. the list continues.

Bringing your shoes off the floor and keeping them organized on built-in shelves provides an instant upgrade to any closet. Not only will your space look more polished, your shoes will be easier to access when you need them.

Keep your valuables safe 

Have you ever lost an expensive pair of sunglasses?  What about a watch? Or one of a set of nice cufflinks? 

Installing a closet system with plenty of drawers makes it easier to keep track of the small but valuable items you own and use.

A high-quality closet system is not only your key to better home functionality, it’s the personalized polishing touch to the life and home you’re building. Make it yours.

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