Why Custom Closets Matter for Your Multi-Family Residential Project

Why Custom Closets Matter for Your Multi-Family Residential Project

Do you serve tenants who would value a quality built-in organizational system? Whether you’re an architect, contractor, home remodeler, interior designer, or property owner, if you’re invested in creating a multi-family residential project that provides true value, you should consider the benefits of custom closets. 

The good news is: Modular Closets makes it possible to get all the features and value of quality custom closets for a fraction of the cost of bespoke closet designers.

Here are 3 of the most important reasons why custom closets make a big difference to the overall value of a multi-family residential project: 

1. Maximize Space

In the multi-family residence market, square footage is often at a premium. Tenants are continually seeking ways to be able to maximize the space that is available to them, and custom closets are one way to make this happen. 

Custom closets make use of the vertical space that typically goes to waste in a closet. Through a smart arrangement of shelves, drawers, multiple hanging rods and closet accessories like belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, and clothes hooks, custom closets make it possible for your tenants to get more use and organizational value out of the space they have. 

2. Create the Perception of Higher Value

Custom closets are a popular feature on the real estate and rental markets today.  Tenants perceive custom closets as adding value to a property, and they’re frequently willing to pay more for them.  In fact, as custom closets become more common, including them in your offerings is important in order to keep your competitive edge.

Certain research suggests that closet upgrades are just as important as bathroom or flooring upgrades, if not more so, for multi-family residential projects.  Custom closets have helped many property owners and developers reduce turnover, speed-up the leasing process, and ultimately increase their bottom lines.

3. Keep Tenants Happy

Sometimes it’s the small finishing touches that make all the difference in keeping tenants happy. 

Custom closets make it easy for tenants to have a better lifestyle.  First, they create storage solutions that make it simple for tenants to organize their belongings.  Having an organizational system in place not only makes life more efficient for tenants, it also creates a calming atmosphere that can improve mental well-being. A quality custom closet also adds a sense of luxury to everyday life, which is especially important when one is otherwise not able to indulge in such luxuries. 

If you’re looking to add high-quality custom closets to your multi-family residential project for an affordable cost, consider the Modular Closets brand.  We offer solid plywood closet systems that are made for easy DIY assembly. Our combination of quality materials and sleek modern style is just what so many of today’s tenants are asking for. And our modular solution to closet design makes it possible to achieve this quality at a low price point. 

To find out more about our offerings for multi-family residential projects or to contact one of our trade representatives.

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