Shelf Tower


Driftwood Grey
  • Modular Closets Shelf Tower Closet Organizer Section is an all plywood closet shelf kit. Use the shelf tower to design your dream closet. The Modular Closet Closet Shelf Tower is great for organizing clothes, shoes, purses, and collectibles.

    The shelf tower is 72" tall and comes with optional floor support legs.


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  • One of the pictures shows the shelf with attachable legs (can be hung on the wall or attach legs to place on the ground) and one picture appears to be built to sit on the ground (all one piece). I am interested in purchasing the one that is one piece that sits on the ground. Help!

    All our towers come with optional legs. It is your decision to install them or not. They come in the box. Our closet units are designed to be installed and not free-standing.

  • What is the difference between the shoe shelf tower and the shelf tower? Both are 14" deep and 72" high.

    The Shoe Shelf Tower is actually a regular Shelf Tower, plus 4 additional straight shelves to create narrower shoe shelves. 

  • How much weight do the shelves hold? I'm interested in using these in a pantry for food storage and small appliance storage.

    We rate each shelf at 50 lbs.

  • Can I add drawers to these at a later date?

    Yes you can.

  • Can drawers be added to this unit?

    Yes you can add the drawers here

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