6 Reasons Why Modular Custom Closets are Worth It

6 Reasons Why Modular Custom Closets are Worth It

Are you thinking your closet system might need an upgrade? If you’ve been stuck with wire shelving or an old-fashioned single rod, then it’s true you probably haven’t been making the best use of the available space in your closet.

Quality closets truly have the power to transform not only your home but your life. By enabling the organization, increasing your efficiency, and creating a sense of beauty and tranquility, custom closets can provide a very rewarding return on your investment.

Best of all, if you choose a DIY Modular closet system for your custom closets, rather than paying for a bespoke design, you can get the benefits of custom closets for a fraction of the price. 

Here are 6 reasons why modular custom closets are so worthwhile:

Add Beauty to Your Home

Custom closets make it easy to create a space that looks calm, welcoming, and well-organized. 

At Modular Closets, we use quality European Birch Plywood closet panels matched with an Italian Cam Locking system and Sold Birch Wood drawer boxes. These superior quality materials add a luxury touch, so your closet is a joy to open.

Wake-Up to More Efficient Mornings

If you don’t have custom closets, you’re probably used to over-crowded hanging rods, wire shelves that let items fall through the gaps, and piles of shoes on the floor.

Once you upgrade to a custom closet system, these issues suddenly disappear.  With custom closets, you’ll be able to easily visualize your options, make a place for everything, and keep yourself organized over the long -term.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

If all you have is a single hanging rod and some wire shelves, then you haven’t been maximizing the full storage potential offered by your closet.

A DIY modular closet system is designed to make use of all the space available in your closet. Double hanging rods, shelves, and drawers will maximize your vertical storage and leave space on the floor for the few items that need to be there.

Find the Perfect Fit

Because your modular closet will be customized for your space, you can make sure it has all the necessary features to match your unique wardrobe.

Maybe you need just one closed drawer but lots of shelves for shoes.  Or maybe you need lots of closed drawers because you love to collect accessories.  Because a DIY closet is flexible, you can even update your storage options as time goes on to keep up with your changing wardrobe.

Create Lasting Value

Quality closets last for years, making it simple to keep your home organized over the long-run. They add character and convenience that is sure to impress guests and make things easier for everyone staying in your home. 

And if you ever choose to sell your home, custom closets add value and appeal to future buyers.

Save Money

At Modular Closets, our closet module system makes top-of-line custom closets affordable.

Our closets are easy to install yourself, and our modular design system allows us to offer a quality product at a fraction of the price of expensive designers.   

To get your very own free closet design and price quote, just fill out our online form.

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