DIY/ Modular Closets - FAQ:

DIY/ Modular Closets - FAQ:

A well-organized closet is indispensable to creating a stress-free home environment.

That’s why it’s very important to choose the kind of closet that will ensure you a home that runs smoothly and efficiently.

 The two most popular kind of closets are:

1-Modular Closets.

2-Custom Closets.

 Q-What is a Modular closet?

 A Modular closet is a closet built out of the set increments, the standard dimensions and general designs, that all closets have in common.

Q -What is a custom closet?

A Custom closet is a closet built from whatever increments, dimensions and designs that the customer wants.

The exact make-up of the closet is arbitrary; it depends on the specifications of each customer.

Q- Which kind of closet is preferable?

There is an extremely compelling reason to choose a Modular closet over a Custom closet:

It ’s pretty easy to assemble, install and reconfigure a  Modular closet by yourself –even if you don’t have a professional background in design or construction.

It can be very difficult to assemble, install, or reconfigure a Custom closet by yourself −unless you have a professional background in design and construction. Most likely, you’ll have to hire a contractor to do the job for you.


Q- What are the advantages of a closet you can build yourself, without using a contractor?








If you build the closet yourself, you can assemble and install it, for free.

You can also make whatever adjustments you want, for free.

If you hire a contractor (to build the closet) you can’t assemble and install it, for free.

You can’t make the adjustments for free, either.

You will have to pay a contractor to do whatever work you need them to do.


If you are building the closet yourself, you can get to work on installing it as soon as it arrives at your house.  If you use a contractor, you can’t begin installing it until you go through a tedious and time-consuming process. Here’s what you have to do:

  • You have to look around for a contractor that you can trust and afford.
  • You have to call them and make an appointment for them to come down to your house.
  • You have to show them the closet, and get a quote from them how much the job will cost.
  • You have to make a deposit, to guarantee yourself a slot on their waiting list.
  • You have to wait until they can squeeze in enough time, to build your closet.

The same thing applies to any modifications you want to make to your closet.

  • You have to call back the contractor and make an appointment for them to return to your house.
  • You have to show them the modifications you want them to make.
  • You have to get (another) quote from them, how much the job will cost.
  • You have to make (another) deposit to guarantee yourself a slot on their waiting list.
  • You have to wait for them to find enough time to perform the modifications that you want.

From the beginning- to- end, this process can drag on for days, or even weeks. 


If you are building or redesigning your closet by yourself, you can start and stop the work, at your own convenience.

If you are using a contractor to build or redesign your closet, you cannot ask them to start and stop the work, whenever you want.

Before they start, they will commit to starting the work on a certain date and they will give you an estimate of how long he will need to finish the job.

They will start and stop their work based on that timetable.

If for whatever reason, you want them to start a little later, or you want them to take a break in the middle, they will not feel obligated to accommodate you; they will simply quit working for you, and move on to their next customer.


Studies show that the average American will move 11 times in their lifetime. (1

Moving into a new house is one of the most thrilling things you will ever do in your life.

It can also be one of the most stressful things you will ever do.

A lot of the stress comes from the need to move all your furniture─ including your closets ─from your old house to your new house.

If you have a Modular closet, it’s pretty simple to move.

The same way you can easily assemble and install it yourself, you can easily disassemble and reinstall it yourself.

If you have a custom closet, it’s a lot more complicated to move.

The same difficulty you may have in assembling and installing it yourself, you may have in disassembling and reinstalling it yourself.

The portability of Modular structures can be extremely convenient, as illustrated by the 2018 Olympics, which took place in South Korea.

The government of South Korea faced the same dilemma that’s faced by every country that hosts the Olympics.

The dilemma is as follows: 

Well over a thousand reporters and journalists flock to the Olympics, to cover the international sporting event.

Hundreds of reporters stand on the sidelines, as they deliver live broadcasts to their audiences at home.

Hundreds more gathered outside the locker rooms, eager to nab the first interview with the newly-crowned Olympic Gold- Medal winners.

The remaining few hundred types at breakneck speed, to report the latest scores, in real time.

The host country has to provide lodgings for all of these (hundreds of) people.

The problem is that it’s not worth it to build brand- new hotels that will only be used for a few weeks.

To solve this problem, the South Korean government did something unprecedented:

They built 3 brand–new Modular Hotels!

Each Modular Hotel was 4 stories high and averaged 100 rooms apiece.

After the Olympics were over, the Modular Hotels were dismantled and moved out of Olympic Village.

The Modular units were shipped to different parts of the country, where they will be reused to build College Dormitories. (2


You will value a   closet that you built by yourself much more than a   closet that someone else built for you.

The reason is that people have a higher regard for a product they invested their own time and energy into creating.

A little- known incident from the 1950’s   illustrates this principle, very well:

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an entrepreneur, and his children formed a new company, which they called ″ P. Duff and sons. “

The businessmen sought to revolutionize the entire process of baking a cake.

For many years, if you would you would stop any random homeowner on the street and ask them how to bake a cake; this is what they would tell you:

You have to − 

1- Read through the first part of the recipe, to see which ingredients you need to use.

2- Check your pantry to make sure you have all those ingredients on your shelf; if you don’t (or you don’t have enough of them), you have to make a special trip to the grocery store to buy them.

3- Read the second part of the recipe, to see exactly how much of each ingredient you need to use.

4- Measure each ingredient ─separately─ in a measuring cup.

5- Mix the ingredients in a specific order, and continue to mix them until they thicken into a thick paste that’s known as    “Cake Batter.”

6- Pour the batter into a pan.

Only then, could you put the pan into the oven.

You would not be happy with their answer.

You would complain to them that following their instructions would make the process of baking a cake, extremely tedious and time-consuming.

They would shrug their shoulders, and tell you that they personally agreed with you, but unfortunately, there ’s no other way to do it.

The family of businessmen set out to expedite and simplify the process of baking a cake.

This was their idea:

Instead of you gathering and mixing the ingredients yourself, their company would do it for you. The only thing you would have to do yourself is pouring the mixture into your pan, and popping your pan into the oven.

They called their new product “Instant Cake- Mix,” and began to market it aggressively.

 They were sure that the concept was such a no-brainer, that it would be a very easy sell.

To their surprise, many homeowners were reluctant to embrace the concept and continued baking their cakes the traditional way.

They were mystified by this: Why would anybody waste time and energy baking cakes the old-fashioned way, if there was another option?

 The company hired the noted psychologist, Dr.  Ernest Dichter, to explain to them why so many (potential) customers were hesitant to use their Cake-Mix.

(Many people consider Dr. Dichter the father of “Motivational Research.”

The motivational research applies the principles of Freudian psychology to better understand –and thereby better predict ─ consumer behavior).

Dir. Dichter met with some of the skeptical customers, who explained to them that they didn’t think that Instant cake-mix was worth spending money on.

Why was that?

Because they only valued a product that they spent their own time and energy creating.

They didn’t value a product that was completed before they got it.

To rectify this problem, Dr. Dichter suggested that the company fine-tune how they prepare the mixture.

Instead of them mixing all of the ingredients for you, they should leave out some of the ingredients, so the consumers still had to prepare and mix part of the recipe.

This would allow the homeowners to participate− themselves − in more of a process.

Since the homeowners would have to put more work into baking their cake, they would consider it more worthwhile.

The company agreed and made a minuscule change to their method of

 preparation: Instead of cracking the eggs and adding them to the mixture, they left the cracking and mixing of the eggs, to the consumer.

Just as Dr. Dichter predicted, their tiny adjustment paid off: Many homemakers that initially resisted buying Instant   Cake- mix, changed their minds, and began buying it!! (3


Q-You have  presented a   compelling  argument  why I should choose a  Modular closet  over  a Custom closet, but there are a few concerns  I  would like  you to address before I  go ahead  and order myself a Modular closet :


1) I’m not excited about hiring a contractor, but I ’m afraid that I don’t have a choice, because  I need a closet very badly, and   I don’t have a lot of time to spend building it.      

Is there a way for me to build the closet myself, in a short amount of time?

Modular closets are designed to be built very quickly.

To that effect, the manufacturers added a number of special features to expedite the building process as much as possible:

The special features of Modular closets:

  • The holes that are used to fasten the closet sections to each other are pre-drilled for you.

This way, you don’t have to spend time making sure the holes are exactly where they ’re supposed to be; you don’t have to spend time making sure that you have the perfect bit for your drill, and you don’t have to spend time drilling the holes.

  • The actual fastening of the sections isn’t done with regular screws. They are done with Cam- screws.  Cam- screws are special screws that are designed to be inserted very quickly into (the pre-dilled) holes. 

 How Cam- screws speed up the building process:

  • Cam -screws are a perfect fit for the pre-drilled holes, so you don’t have to spend time looking for the exact screw that fits in the hole.
  • The tip of the screw has an arrow that points in the direction that the screw has to be inserted, so you don’t have to spend time figuring out which way the screw goes into the hole.
  • Once you insert the Cam-screw into the hole, you can place the lock over it, right away. You don’t have to spend time using nuts or bolts to ensure that the screw is in tightly.
  • The Cam- lock (itself) can be secured very quickly; all you have to do is to give it a 180-degree turn and the Cam -screw will remain anchored firmly in place. 

Q- I have no interest in hiring a contractor, but I’m afraid that I don’t have a choice because I don’t have any professional experience in design or construction

Can you reassure me that  I can build the closet myself, even if I lack expertise in closet-building?

Modular Closets are designed with special features that allow you to assemble and install them, even if you don’t have a special background in furniture-building.

 The special features of Modular closets:

  • Modular closets come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.
  • All the holes are pre-drilled for you.
  • Instead of having to use the regular system of screws, nuts, and bolts, you can use the Cam-lock system, which is a lot easier to work with. 

Q-I don’t like the idea of hiring a contractor, but I’m concerned that if I build the closet myself, the structure will be deficient, and will not be as strong and durable, as it should be.

Can you reassure me that no matter who builds the closet, it will be sturdy, and remain firm for a very long time?

 Modular closets are designed to be strong and durable, no matter who installs them. 

The special features of Modular closets:

  • Modular closets are built from Plywood−and, not MDF or Particleboard− because Plywood is the sturdiest of the three (types of wood).
  • Modular closet drawers are not built using the standard method of fabrication. Instead, they are built  using a special method of fabrication called "Dovetail Joining.”

How Dovetail Joining differs from the standard method of drawer-building:

 The standard method of building a drawer works like this:

  • Four wooden panels are cut to fit the (eventual) dimensions of the drawer; their edges are cut in a straight line to form a particular shape ─usually a rectangle─ and will remain that way.

      2- Two of the   panels are selected   to form the front and backs of the

         drawer, respectively.

       3-Two of the panels are selected to form the (right and left) sides of the

drawer box.

       4- The four panels are placed on a flat surface, in a vertical position.

       5- The four panels are glued to each other at their right angles to form a

cube-like structure.

The Dovetail method works differently:

 The front and back panels are initially cut in a way that will leave their edges perfectly straight.

 However, they do not remain that way for too long.

As soon as they are trimmed to (their) precise dimensions, a number of sockets are chiseled out of them.

The exact same thing is done to the edges of the side panels.

The two side panels are initially cut in a way that will leave their edges perfectly straight.

As soon as they are trimmed to (their) precise dimensions, a number of sockets are chiseled out of them.

Chiseling out the edge of a panel will cause a wedge to form between each hollowed-out section; the wedge will end up sticking out of the panel.

 This kind of wedge is called a ″ Tail, “and is the essence of

 Dovetail Joining.

(The process   is called ˝Dovetail Joining, “because the wedge is shaped like   the tail of a Dove).

The wedges and sockets of the front and back panels interlock with the wedges and sockets of the side panels; they are joined together at right angles.

The wedges fit so tightly into the sockets, that the shape of the cube will be sustained ─even if you don’t put any fasteners in place; even if you don’t apply a single drop of glue !!

  • Right next to the ( pre-drilled)  hole that keeps the Cam - screws in place, there is another( pre-drilled) hole that holds a” Dowel“.

A “Dowel” is a Cylinder-shaped wooden post that fits tightly into the hole that corresponds to it.

The combination of the Cam -screw, and Dowel, solidifies the overall structure of the closet and makes it very sturdy. 

Q-I don’t want to hire a contractor, but I’m afraid that if I don’t use closet sections built specially for me, I will end up with a low-quality product.

Can you reassure me that my Modular closet will be a high-quality product, even if it’s built from more standard components?

 Modular closets are built with the satisfaction of all consumers in mind.

That’s why the parts that are used are not selected randomly; they are only used if they adhere to a high standard of quality and workmanship.

Before the closet sections are shipped to you, they are tested to confirm that they can withstand wear and tear; that they are strong enough to support a significant amount of weight, and that they are durable enough to last a very long time.

CONCLUSION: A Modular closet is preferable to a Custom closet because it’s more cost-effective, valuable and user-friendly, without compromising on its quality.


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