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Make Storage Space for Guests Before the Holiday Rush

Make Storage Space for Guests Before the Holiday Rush

The holiday season will soon be here! It is a time for joy and glad tidings – but, if you will be hosting guests, it can also be a time for stress and feelings of overwhelm. You need to make sure your home will be clean, organized and ready for guests. One of the things you can start preparing for now is making sure you will have plenty of storage space for your soon-to-be-arriving guests.

Here at Modular Closets, we love helping people get organized so they can experience more peace, calm, and beauty in their everyday lives. We understand how important it can be to create unique storage solutions that work for your home and your life.

If you can spend just a little bit of time each week for the next 3 weeks, you can make sure your home will be guest-ready and full of storage options before the holiday season begins. Here are 3 steps to follow:

1.) Clean Out Your Guest Room

The first step in getting your home ready for guests is to clean out your guest room.

This includes changing out your linens, dusting where appropriate, and mopping or vacuuming the floors. It also means going through what you may currently have stored in the guest room and weeding out anything you no longer need.

Can you make extra space by throwing away broken items or donating those gently-used old belongings you no longer use?

Modular Closets

2.) Make Use of Closed Storage

One of the quickest ways to tidy up your home is to make full use of closed storage opportunities.

Do you have closed drawers and cabinets where you can stow away any clutter that has been collecting around your home? Ideally, these drawers and cabinets not only keep any messes in check, they also help you create an organizational system, so that your belongings have designated places to be.

If you don’t have many closed storage options, now might be the best time to add drawers and cabinets to otherwise open, empty, unused spaces.

3.) Add Shelves, Drawers, and Hanging Rods

Are the closets in your home already bursting to the seams? If you barely have enough storage space for you and your family, how will you accommodate your guests?

To be an ideal host or hostess, you want your guests to feel that they can unwind and relax when they come to your home. So, you want to make sure they will have the space to unpack any bags and hang up any winterwear they may bring into your home. Coats, hats, gloves, and overnight bags need a place to go while guests are visiting.

Take stock of your current closets: where can you add shelves, drawers, or hanging rods, so that there will be ample storage possibilities for both your family members and your guests?

At Modular Closets, we offer 100% plywood closet systems – combinations of shelves and drawers with rods and racks included – so that you can transform the empty space in your closets into fully-functioning organization solutions. Our modular approach to closet design allows us to offer quality custom closets at an affordable price.

You can even get a free closet design! Just give us a call at 855-630-8075 or fill out the online form

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