The Organized Mind: Psychology of an Election

The Organized Mind: Psychology of an Election

The ongoing race to the White House has certainly been one hectic hodgepodge- a plethora of entertaining politically correct & incorrect banter. The voters’ passion each candidate’s camp has garnered is unprecedented in recent election memory. But what’s really behind the sudden outpouring of emotion backing the respective candidates? The Module’s A Murray takes a deeper look. 

Simple, really. Trump represents the anger in this country and Hillary represents the self pity.

Trump VS Hillary

Trumps wants to make "America great again”. [vs] Hillary begs for "Peace, Prosperity and Progress”. This comes down to a fundamental emotional debate in America. Trump has awakened a deep-seated emotion of anger in this existing in this country. His extreme views to expel all the immigrants and Muslims from the country; to build a wall; to "Make America great again!”- these have spoken to this deep emotion of anger and frustration with the classic way America is governed.
Hillary on the other hand has tapped into an entirely different crowd- an emotion of self pity and helplessness. She wants that all of America be able to fulfill their dreams, but those dreams are being dampened by other people, i.e the top 1%. Just raise taxes-then everyone would certainly have enough money, thus enabling them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. 

It's interesting to point out the demographic breakdown of voters for each party. The younger generation; college kids, millennials and people on welfare- are geared towards voting for Hillary. The older generation: blue collar workers, the people who are financially successful and our military- they are more inclined to vote for Trump.

Election Voters Poll


One could posit this just comes down to who has money and who doesn’t. But it’s never just black and white. A deeper look into the psychology of these two types of people reveal an astounding correlation. 

The younger generation has not been on this planet all that long. They lack life experience and don't know it all (even if they would like to think they do). They talk about their rights and what is owed to them by society. They should be able to live their dreams off of other peoples’ work; how else would they succeed? 

The older generation sees things differently. They've toiled for 20+ years. They’ve overcome hardships the younger generation wouldn’t dream of. They fought this country’s wars. They’ve married, had kids, raised families, got divorced and have had multiple careers. Some have succeeded in making it to the top of their circles, while others survive on a mediocre income. White picket fence. 2 kids and a dog. And then there are others. Others who’ve have failed miserably. Owe over 50k in credit card debt. Their spouse wants half their money. Their kids refuse to speak to them. 

The stark difference between these two parties is that one feels that have the RIGHT to everything. The other feels an OBLIGATION. This is what the election comes down to. 

Our company affords us a unique look into the psyche of Do It Yourself folk everywhere- & they’re a passionate, self motivated bunch, let me tell you. We’re lucky to be able to study & understand what makes people want to get their lives organized & in order. The inspiration for this article comes from the emotional strength our customers exhibit in tackling their own DIY Modular Closet projects. Because therein lies the secret recipe to making your own uninhibited decisions about the important things in life. Like whether to road rage that driver who just cut you off. Or who will be our next president.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to shape your own life? Or do you want to have the government do it for you? Do you tend to hire someone and overpay to fix or build something for you? You most probably choose to be governed. However, if you’re a DIY type of person- If you enjoy the fruits of your labor and love seeing YOUR hand made results; if you learn to use your mistakes as a stepping stool to higher ground; if you’re sick and tired of paying a fortune for things that could be done in half the time for half the price- well then, I hope you chose yourself.

That brings me to your first step. Whichever party you choose, we’re all after one same goal: To get our lives organized & in order.
To illustrate: There is a story told of a father who goes to visit his son in boarding school to see how he was doing in his studies. Upon arrival, the father makes a beeline straight for his son's dorm room instead of trying to find his son. Satisfied, he turns straight around & proceeds to hail a cab home. The principal sees him leaving and jibes "You came to visit your son's dorm room?" The father replies, "I saw my son’s room. His bed was made. His clothes were folded. His PJ's were under his pillow. If his bedroom is in order, I know [that shows he is disciplined and will succeed in his studies.”] he’s exceeding in his studies & doing brilliantly.”

The first step to getting your life in order is to have your house in order.

So who will you be voting for? Comment below!

Happy Voting! 

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