Garage Bowl 2021 // McClure Family VS Cynthia Bailey-Hill

Garage Bowl 2021 // McClure Family VS Cynthia Bailey-Hill

Hello Everyone and welcome to the first ever Modular Closet’s Garage Bowl! 

We couldn’t let Super Bowl weekend slide by without doing something fun to celebrate! This weekend, we will be pitting two of our garage projects against each other to see who will win the Garage Bowl! 

Competing in this weekend’s event will be The Mighty McClure's and Cynthia Bailey-Hill! Each of these projects turned out beautifully but we want to know who you think should win the Garage Bowl! We wanted to make it a fair fight so we won’t tell you which garage is which in the Instagram stories, but we will link to our blog posts about their garages below! 

Cynthia Bailey's Garage Transformation 

The Mighty McClure's Garage Transformation

If you are looking to do similar projects in your home, you can visit our website to design your organizational system! 

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May the best team win!