3 Big Myths That Are Keeping You from Getting Organized

3 Big Myths That Are Keeping You from Getting Organized

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to finally get organized this year – but now several weeks into 2019 you’ve yet to take action?  Sometimes the hardest part about home organization is getting started.

When it comes to getting organized, there are actually many common myths and wrong ideas that prevent people from succeeding. Here at Modular Closets, we not only offer quality plywood closet systems and home organization solutions that make it simple and affordable to create custom closets for your home, but we also help people make the whole process of getting organized easier. 

If you’ve been struggling trying to declutter your home, here are 3 popular myths that may have kept you from making progress in getting organized.

Myth #1: You Can Just Wing It

The truth is – if you want to set yourself up for lasting home organization success, you need to have a plan. 

Organizing your home can’t be done during a moment’s whim when you suddenly decide a room is unbearably messy and needs to be cleaned.  Often what happens in such situations is that the mess is just transferred from one room to another.  And once the “cleaning frenzy” passes, clutter just builds up again.

One of the reasons you may feel overwhelmed by home organization is because you don’t have a plan that breaks the tasks up into manageable tasks.  We recommend creating a 30-Day home organization plan so that you can do a little bit every day and have it add up to big results in just a month. 

The best part about the 30-Day plan is that once you’ve done it all once, maintaining your home organization can be easy going forward.

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Myth #2: You Have to Be a Certain Kind of Person

The truth is – some people personality-wise do have an easier time staying organized.  But that doesn’t mean that there are “messy people” and “organized people.”  We all have to find a balance between keeping sufficiently organized and not obsessing too much about the organization that we miss out on life. 

While the right balance may differ from person to person, everyone can benefit from living in a clean, beautiful environment that’s efficient for your lifestyle, whatever that means for you. 

Finding your personal method of organization may also mean getting creative about how you organize.  For example, if you don’t do well with “to-do lists,” you may want to arrange your space visually so that you simply “see” if something is out of place and needs to be cleaned up.

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Myth #3: You Need Bins and Boxes to Get Started

The truth is – while bins and boxes can be useful tools in the home organization process, you don’t need them in order to get started.  In fact, often it’s best to start by decluttering first so that you know exactly what kinds of storage solutions you’ll need. 

Once you’ve cleaned out your space, you can start to look with fresh eyes at how you might arrange your space so that you can elegantly store everything that needs to be put away.

If you’ve done the work of sorting through your belongings and you’re ready to consider better and beautiful ways to store it all, now may be the best time to consider a custom closet.  Here at Modular Closets, we offer superior quality plywood closets with a simple order and DIY installation process so that having a gorgeous closet can be easy and affordable.

You can even get a customized design free online!

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