The Module, David + Goliath, & Why Modular Matters

The Module, David + Goliath, & Why Modular Matters

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So. Modular Closets? 

Correct. Allow me to explain.

Why is this so earth-shatteringly groundbreaking in the shop-supply world?

Why are some of the largest, billion dollar players in the industry awfully intrigued by the product we've achieved?

Why is our achievement representative of a victory & nod to this generation of free-thinking entrepreneurs?

Try this on for size:

The Freedonia market report on the home organization products industry published in April 2015 begins:

"This study analyzes the $8.8 billion US home organization product industry.... demand for home organization products in the US is forecast to increase 3.5 percent per year through 2019 to $10.5 billion. Bins, baskets and totes will remain the largest product segment, while modular units will grow the fastest..."

That's public info.

Modular isn't the next big thing. No. It's the NOW.

 Let's get into it: What is Modular?

Merriam Webster, if you please:

"modular: adj. - employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction"

Simple enough. What's the challenge?

The Challenge: Nailing down TO A TEE the exact need of a multi-billion dollar closet consumer market & transmogulating that need into a razor-precise set of replicable units.

Do that, you get Modular. 
And Modular, at high QUALITY, is significantly more economical to manufacture because of it's high QUANTITY, low variable production.

So it's cheap to make. And cheap to make means cheap to buy.... 

Are you getting it!? Modular, when correctly implemented, has the potential to undercut entire industries overnight by executing superior quality at a fraction of cost! 

It's no wonder these multi-billion dollar companies have been scrambling to corner the modular market with their versions of The Answer To "The Problem With The Closet Industry" (more about that in a coming post).

Enter Modular Closets (cue heroic score).

A little startup out of a corner of South Jersey pops up & does to the modular closet industry what Thomas Alva Edison did to the light bulb industry: invented it. 

Savvy, right?

How did they do it? The only way they knew how, that's how!

  1. By forging a powerful think-tank of construction supply phenoms, business assassins (they're killing it), modern day industrial prophets, etcetera etcetera,
  2. honing centuries of cumulative experience answering these VERY SAME QUESTIONS,
  3. researching like a rocket scientist,
  4. studying like a pre-exam grad student,
  5. problem solving like that brilliant math guy in A Beautiful Mind (minus the bipolar)
  6. feeding all those involved, very very well. 

And they did it. We did it. And we are so so proud. 

Our achievement is David & Goliath-esque, no doubt. It's also perpetuating the legacies of the forbearers of the Age Of The Entrepreneur we're currently living through (more about that, too, later). 

But it's way bigger than that. 

It's our way of breaking down those proverbial dams holding back the purest, sweetest waters of raw home organization; it's do-it-yourself liberty the way it was meant to be.

Affordable. Sturdy. Real Wood For The Real World Durable.

The things you're at ease letting your family live & breathe. The time-tested reliability of old-world construction values within. Covered in the smooth white contentment & inner peace of modern living. 

It's the release your inner DIY beast craves. 

And it's time that beast came out to play. 

It's Modular Time.

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