The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Strategy

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Strategy

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Strategy by the Module Blog

Entire office have that red-nosed, sunken eyes, drawn faced, allergy induced hangover vibe?

Welcome, Spring. 

Fun Fact: Someone in the 14th century once saw a "lovely bloom simply springeth forth from the ground"- hence the name "Spring" (hey, it's better than "I LENT you 5 rubles & you've yet to payeth me back").

It's the season that gave us names like Anemone, Apple, & Aviv. Celebrate.

And spring weekends = spring cleaning.

That time we dispose of the fax machine collection we're convinced will achieve collector's item status in our lifetime (not a bad bet, actually). 

In order to master the mystic art of spring cleaning, we've sent our best brains into the field to nail down the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Strategy! 

Here's what they found: 

Mind Your Clutter Zones!

That may sound obvious, but it's not.
See, each house has 6 main clutter zones. Each zone has its classic clutter buildup. These clutter jams are easily remedied with one or two quick & clean jabs of creative organizing. By centering your main organizing attack around the 6 Clutter Hotspots, you'll inject a Cleanup Culture straight into the artery of the mess- and never have to reclean again! 
Here's a zone-by-zone breakdown:
Entry Zone Organized Coats, Hooks, Shoes via CULTURA RM/SVERRE HAUGLAND
Know what they say about first impressions? Well, this is that.
A traffic heavy, common pileup center, your entry way is actually the easiest place to begin instituting your new organization culture. 
Hit the coats, shoes, cubbies & weather apparel with an "Everything In Its Place" themed blow that will ring throughout the house. Get creative. Use cubbies + hooks. Make it rain.
Bathroom Organization soap & sink
Bathroom comes next, because who doesn't judge a person by the state of their inner chambers? 
With bathrooms, I find adapting a balance of "Absolutely clear surfaces" (like, nothing noting nothing should be out on the sink top, toilet, etc) & "modern decorative accessories" (i.e.a nice soap dispenser) is the key. The clear surfaces policy will give your household members a clear directive as to how things are expected to look in there. 
Organized Bedroom zone with a neat modular closet
The bedroom tends to be the room most neglected when it comes to organization. And why not? It's a private area we think nobody will see, right? 
Crazy thing is, that's contrary to the very essence of organization, according to Marie Kondo, the veritable Queen of Clean.
In her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie declares, "The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment." 
Tidying is emotional. It's inside & outside. That's why bedroom neatness is crucial to a happy, neater you. 
Bedroom Zone Attacking is a 3 step breakdown: 1. Make your bed. 2. Get a Modular Closet. 3. Clear any surfaces. 

See! Smiling already!
Organized toy room with cubbies and containers
From one parent to another: Hit this clutter zone hard! Fact is, kids do kids things. Like play. And make messes. And never want to clean up. So having an easy system with labels, containers, bins, and shelves is important for your sanity as a parent. And, it makes a fun, neat environment your kids can grow in.
Home office organization
Work-related organization has been synonymous with productivity for practically ever. And in real corporate space, the extent of their organizing can be summed up in a 4 word, desk strategy: "One Computer, One Award". Clear it up. File cabinet this, desk drawer that and you've nailed it, Mr. Monopoly.
kitchen organization pots
Notoriously intimidating, the Kitchen Zone Clutter Conquest can be zeroed in on one thing: THE SINK. Think about it. Almost no kitchen cleaning begins without it. Keep your sink clean and empty, you'll find all the other cleaning will radiate from there.
Takeaway: Hit The Hotspots Hard. Conquer The Clutter Zones. Clear All Surfaces.


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