Answering Some of the Most Popular Custom Closet FAQ’s

Answering Some of the Most Popular Custom Closet FAQ’s

Now that everyone’s been spending more time at home, it’s become popular to consider various types of upgrades to make home life easier and more enjoyable. Maybe you’re one of the many people around the country who’s been considering for the first time what custom closets might do for your home.

If so, you’ve probably got lots of questions…. And our Modular Closets team has your answers!

Here’s just a handful of some of the most popular FAQ’s we receive:


1. What are the best rooms in a home for custom closets?

When people think of custom closets, often the first room in the house they consider is the master bedroom. In fact, a beautifully organized walk-in closet is often perceived as valuable perk for the master bedroom.

But custom closet solutions aren’t just for walk-in closets. (In fact, reach-in closets with limited space often have much to gain from making full use of what space is there). And multiple rooms across your home could benefit from a customized storage solution.

We’ve seen custom closets incorporated in all sorts of bedrooms, spare rooms, family rooms, home offices, kitchens, attics, garages.

In fact, instead of thinking on a room by room basis, it can be more useful to think about a holistic storage system for your whole home. For example, maybe you plan to incorporate long-term storage in less frequently used rooms of your house, and swap out seasonal items so you always have easy access to what you’ll use most at any given time.


2. Will I get good value for my investment?

Here at Modular Closets, we pride ourselves on offering quality closet systems at affordable prices.

All of our closet units are made of top-grade, high-density wood that’s meant to last a lifetime. Plus, our modular approach to closet design means that it can be affordable and easy to customize your closets on nearly any budget. As direct manufacturers, we offer savings of up to 50%+ that of other custom closet companies – and shipping is free!


3. Do I need any additional closet accessories?

In addition to the shelves, drawers, and hanging rods that typically make up most closet systems, we also offer additional accessories so you get the functionality you crave.

For example, we offer pull-out valet rods, belt racks, tie racks, shoe racks, and pull-out hampers so you can make full use of whatever limited closet space you have available to help you get and stay organized.


4. Do I need a closet designer?


Many of our clients find it useful to consult with an expert in organizational design to make sure they’re utilizing available space in the best way possible to meet their needs.

However, some of our clients prefer the option to design your own closet. Either way, we’ll give you a free 3d layout of your closet design, all for free.

And right now, you can take advantage of our Biggest Memorial Day Sale Ever – all online orders over $500 are 20% off, and everything else is 15% off, no exceptions!

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