Home Tour :: by Lindsay Dean of FrillsAndDrills.com

Home Tour :: by Lindsay Dean of FrillsAndDrills.com

Home Tour :: by Lindsay Dean of FrillsAndDrills.com

Our recent Instagram Takeover by the DIY ninja master Lindsay Dean of Frills & Drills was met with huge fanfare & hearty slaps on the back from the #OrganizationNation.

Lindsay is a noted expert on DIY crafting & home decor, and makes herself heard as  proprietor of the ever-popular blog FrillsAndDrills.com

Lindsay was gracious enough to grant The Module an exclusive behind the scenes Home Tour of her home's most awesome spaces: her closets! 

Heeeere's Lindsay!

 Closet Tour -- Yay! 

First Closet on the tour today is Lindsay's son's nursery closet- which brings us to a HUGE congrats on the new baby!! 

And here's the master bedroom closet- a true masterpiece! 

Jewelry shelf 

And shoe shelves, of course!

Next up, the new Modular Closet for another bedroom- sweet!


 Watching the DIY master at work!


Thanks Lindsay! 

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A Bit About The Author: 

Welcome!  I am Lindsay, a wife, mom, DIY enthusiast and lover of all things pretty.  I was born and raised in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance.  I’m a full time Credit Union Supervisor by day and a part time handy-woman by night.  Call me crazy, but I love math and all things numbers which is why I enjoy designing and building projects all over my house.

Frills & Drills is where I document my obsession with home improvement, home decor & organization.  People often ask me when and how I became so handy.  It’s funny to me because I never set out to become a handy-woman.  It happened more out of necessity.  I have that champagne taste on a beer budget so I had two options; make it myself or don’t get it at all.  The other question I get asked is “What will I do when I finish decorating my house?”  To me, the answer is easy.  I will just start over!  And because of that, I am thankful I have a husband who supports my constant project craze and nods his head with a smile at my ever changing style.

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