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Spring Cleaning 2017 - Modular Closets Update

Spring Cleaning 2017 - Modular Closets Update

Hey Organization Nation!

All you die-hard Modular devotees just itching to know - just what it is- we are cooking up for you.

Well, have no fear because this spring, with Modular Closets’ help, you can ace spring cleaning and attain eternal happiness in the process.

Sound good?

I thought so.

We are going to start you off with a comprehensive, downloadable list that will make reaching every hard-to-reach spot, as easy as checking off a box: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning March 2017 Checklist! 

We also have helpful and fun infographics that will make the process plain and simply fun.

But….It’s not all fun and games and that is why we are here to help you make the difficult, sometimes heart wrenching decisions that come with cleaning out your overstuffed closet.

Use this guide to help you decide what to throw out and what to keep.

For all those out there who are a little curious what is in our cleaning products and are asking some questions like….

What is actually in my toilet cleaner?

How about soap (like what is soap)?

Or maybe, how does this stuff really work?

You might enjoy our guide to DIY home cleaning products that will help you make your OWN, so be sure to check that out.

We will also be rolling out our MC2 (EmCeeSquared) initiative, as a way to help people donate the stuff in their closets they're not using…..(Its going to kick A$@). More details on that to follow, so stay tuned!

At Modular Closets, we recognize that spring cleaning is a time to clean the spaces in your house that don’t always get your full and undivided attention. It is so easy to let your closet become overcrowded with things you don’t wear, allow dust to gather under your refrigerator, or never really completely clean out your pantry.

When you let your things gather uncontrollably, it can raise your stress levels and make your home an inhospitable place, and who wants that?

Make Spring Cleaning 2017 the beginning of a new effort to take control of your possessions and make sure that they are serving you - instead of the other way around.

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