The Most Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2017 Checklist

The Most Ultimate Spring Cleaning 2017 Checklist

Modular Closets champions the notion that organization that lasts needs a solid closet foundation; that utilizing your home's closet spaces to their fullest organizing potential helps people create easy to maintain systems and minimizes outward clutter. 

That's why doing Spring Cleaning right is such a large focus here. We know how much swea-ffort (sweat + effort) is invested into Spring Cleaning, it's just a shame when all that work is wasted when your home reverts back to its old, messy self just days after! 

So for Spring Cleaning 2017, Modular Closets has set out on a mission. A conquest conquering clutter; a journey to joust junk; an epic adventure against a untidiness. But more than that- promoting good closet systems and habits so your Spring Cleaning lasts. 

We are therefore proud to present you with this free Spring Cleaning 2017 Checklist - where we focus on closets and beyond! 

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