Why Now is the Best Time to Get Organized for the Holidays

Why Now is the Best Time to Get Organized for the Holidays


The holiday season will soon be upon us – and now is the time to start thinking ahead.  Before the feasts, festivities, and frolicking in the snow all begin, take stock and make sure you will be prepared.  If you get organized for the holidays now, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the special moments with family and friends.

Here at Modular Closets, we love helping families make life easier with organizational strategies and custom storage systems. We know if you get organized for the holidays in advance, you’ll be ready to spread glad tidings and joy, instead of fretting away in stress as too many people do during this season.

To help make sure you get organized for the holidays with plenty of time to spare this year, we’ve made a list of useful to-dos’ (we even checked it twice!):

1. Create a Calendar

You’ve probably got a lot going on this holiday season – parties, events, shopping, and maybe even baking some cookies for Santa.  If you take just 15 minutes to write out a calendar, it can help you make sure not to miss anything important.

Once you have your calendar of events, you may even want to make a note of whether you’ll be bringing any gifts (and what those gifts ought to be) and what you plan to wear. This should hopefully prevent the need for any frantic last-minute shopping. 

Modular Closets

2. Track Your Holiday Décor

Decorating your home for the holidays can be an event in and of itself. If you’re replacing your current wall art with holiday-themed displays or swapping out your everyday candles with holiday colors and scents, consider making a list of your special décor so it will be easier to undecorate once the holidays are done.

You may even want to take quick photos of your decorating set-up this year in order to make next year even easier.

3. Make Gift Lists

Giving and receiving presents is one of the highlights of the holidays.  But it can quickly turn stressful if you forget what you bought to give to whom and then lose track of what they gave you in return.

If you track the gifts you plan to buy in a spreadsheet, it can help you both budget your expenses and streamline your shopping time. Add a separate column for gifts received so it will be easy to know what thank-you cards you should send in January. 

4. Stock Your Pantry

Before the parties begin, take stock of your pantry so you will be well-prepared for any cooking and baking you’d like to do this holiday season.

A well-organized pantry with all your items neatly arranged in drawers and on shelves will make it easy to keep everything you need within reach.  Now you won’t have to worry about asking your neighbor for an extra cup of sugar or having to make last-minute trips to the overcrowded stores.

5. Check Your Guest Room Closets

Get your guest room ready to receive family and friends, so they can relax and feel right at home.  Make sure you have enough towels, blankets, and other linens, and store similar items together.  If you fold all the towels the same way and keep the sheet sets folded and tucked inside a pillowcase, your closet will look neat and inviting.

Pro tip: Make sure you have enough open drawers and shelves so your guests can empty out their suitcases and keep organized during their visit.

6. Plan Some Relaxation Time

With everything that needs to be done, don’t forget to also schedule in some R&R.

Whether it’s spending an evening in a bubble bath or taking the kids in your family out to a fun holiday movie, you’ll feel much better overall if you give yourself the gift of some downtime.

Taking the time now to get organized for the holidays can help make your winter jolly and full of cheer.  If your grown-up wish list for Santa includes quality custom closets, consider the 100% plywood closet system we offer at Modular Closets.

We’ll even give you the gift of a free closet design!

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