Christina's Corner // Step Back and See Everything

Christina's Corner // Step Back and See Everything

Take a Step Back

Sometimes when life gets a little too overwhelming, we are taught to take a step back, breathe for a moment, and then try to get a grasp on the bigger picture. With the full picture, we are often able to get ourselves back on track and with the right tools, we can keep the panic from resurfacing too often. This may seem odd, but this is exactly the kind of approach you need to take to your space as well, particularly your pantry. 

Pantries Can Get So Unorganzied, So Fast

Pantries are so easy to get unorganized. My mom and I spent a few hours cleaning out and reorganizing her pantry a few months ago and within a few weeks, it was already beginning to clutter again. I think the largest issue in her case is that you can’t see everything when you walk into the pantry. There are dark corners that have, no joke, successfully hidden objects for years.

So, we took some time and rethought the organization of the oddly-shaped room. We ensured that every item - or the clearly labeled container it was housed in - was visible when we stepped back. This has made Costco runs so much easier for her. She knows exactly where things are supposed to be and she can tell when she is running out.

This Will Eliminate Hassle

Following through with this organization philosophy will also create ease of access when you’re in a rush. You will know, without a doubt, where everything is and it will make the baking or cooking process so much easier. You will also be able to tell someone exactly where to look for that container of baking soda that always seems to evade everyone. 

Ultimately this trick is here to make your kitchen life easier and I highly recommend that you give it a shot. I also recommend that you look to Modular Closets to upgrade your pantry system. With adjustable shelves, drawers, and many other customizable options, you will be able to keep your pantry organized like never before.

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Happy Organizing!

-Christina Giaquinto.    

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