Christina's Corner // Adjustable Shelves Make Pantry Organization So Easy!

Christina's Corner // Adjustable Shelves Make Pantry Organization So Easy!


We All Need Kitchen Storage

One thing that most living spaces have in common, is the presence of a pantry of some sort. Whether it’s a small cabinet or a large walk-in space, the pantry area is essential to our every day lives. Keeping it organized is a challenge to everyone – including those of us who organize for a living. 

New Month, New Series

In this next series, we will be looking at different options for pantry optimization no matter what size or shape the pantry you have. Of course, Modular Closets has some of the best systems and accessories to help you reach your pantry goals and we will be taking a look at all of those options as we move through this series. 

Get Up and Go to Your Kitchen

I want you to take a moment and look at what you have in your pantry. I’m sure there are a few staples that most people store in their pantries like canned goods, cereal, flour, sugar, etc… But we all have our own tastes and that means that we have products of all shapes and sizes that your standard metal pantry shelves won’t always accommodate. 

Modular Closets Has A Solution

Modular Closets has customizable pantry systems that have adjustable shelves that will help you keep your pantry decluttered and optimized no matter what your needs. All it takes is a few simple steps. First of all, group all of your foods and products together so that you can organize them in sections. Second, take some time to adjust the shelves to best suit your groups. For example, if all your pasta is on one shelf, it’s going to need to be a bit taller than the shelf that holds all of your baking goods. By doing this, you can keep the items that you use most frequently in easy reach.


These adjustable shelves also add an aesthetic element that you won’t find in most standard pantry spaces. We all aspire for a Pinterest-worthy space and by adjusting your shelves to specifically fit your needs, you can eliminate any unused space creating a beautiful, clutter-free, pantry. 

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