Modular Community // Alexandra Beuter's Master Closets Transformation!

Modular Community // Alexandra Beuter's Master Closets Transformation!

We have the privilege of working on many different projects with all sorts of people and we are so excited to share another collaboration with you! 

Alexandra Beuter did a complete renovation of her and her husband’s master closets and they look incredible! The closets started out as mostly bare with a single wire shelf in each and that wasn’t going to work for Alexandra and her husband. So, they contacted Modular Closets and we got to work designing the perfect closets to fit their lifestyles!

Before & After Pictures!

Here are some before and after pictures, just to blow your minds a little bit. 

Personalization In the Closet!

Alexandra took personalization to a whole new level! She put a beautiful peel-and-stick wall paper on the walls behind some of her shelves and chose decorative knobs from Etsy to really create a space that she would love. In her video, she shows off all of the organizational tools that she used and where you can find them if you are inspired by her closet! She utilized drawer dividers, baskets, and even a purse stand for one of her favorite bags.

We also love how she used designer boxes to decorate the space and give it that boutique flair! Alexandra’s closet even has a shoe wall that we are just obsessed with! 

Chad’s Closet!

Her husband, Chad, had a much more simple idea of what he wanted for his closet. It may not be as sparkly as Alexandra’s closet, but it is still classic and well organized. He opted for our black drawer pulls and more drawers than shelves in his design. 

Customized to Perfection.

What we love about these closet makeovers is that each closet fits the exact needs of the person who owns it. Alexandra even mentions that she loves walking down the hallway with the closets because she loves looking at them so much. We love that she is so excited and we can’t wait to help them makeover more projects in their home! 

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